Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapura sangat bersih!

Hi people! I'm back!! (understatement WTF)

So it was a full 3 days of shopping in Singapore, and I'm back with only 3 dresses, a bangle and a pair of fake lashes -_-" In fact after conversion, everything seemed not really worth it. The same stuff selling in Topshop, same stuff in boutique but even higher price.. so NAH, I better save some and shop back in KL!

The boy shopped more than me. OK, I lose :(

We reached Singapore wee hour in the morning, around 6am and we had nowhere to go. We couldn't check in 'cos the hotel was charging us more than our 1 night room stay price for early check in, plus, they're very very bossy and blur. Asked us to be back for check in around 12-1pm, and in fact when we're back around that time, there's still no room for us and I was already very pissed off.

Oh hello, I worked as a frontliner before too and I guess it's not that difficult to hold a room for guests who arrived early! Rather than getting them to wait from 6am till 2pm! When they're still struggling to get us a room at 2pm, my face was already as black as Justice Bao. Finally, got us a room, we went up, opened the door, and much to our horror IT WAS AN OCCUPIED ROOM!

You can never imagine how angry and frust I was. I was tired and my legs were sore from all the walking in the morning.

I'll never be back to Link Hotel. Even the hotel lobby and rooms are totally different from what we saw from their website. Like what my ex-collegue always said, "What you see is not what you get".. very true indeed! And they don't even have a pool!!!

My not-very-happy face in the morning. We had our dimsum breakfast in Chinatown, walking distance from the hotel. Everything else was still closed.

Tired, sleepy and sweaty and I still managed to force a smile... the boy failed.

We walked around the area nearby and apparently we discovered many things. A shop with a signboard 'S.E.X. in the city', absinthe pub, and an old porn cinema! Japanese with chinese subtitle.. YAMATE! :P

We took a nap after we checked in and when we woke up in the evening, it was raining quite heavily. Took a cab to ION Orchard to meet up with Sheau!

She had been missing in action for the longest time! Even stopped blogging :(

It was Christmas day and Orchard was damn happening. Heaps of people were dancing on the street. Colourful lights and cute Christmas ornaments.. but I guess I aged, I want a white Christmas!!

My camera sucks. 'Nuff said.

We went back to the hotel quite early that night in fact as we're all drained out. Slept right away the moment our head touched the pillow. And I woke up around 1am to remove my makeup fml.
To Bugis the next day! We actually checked out from Link Hotel and checked into Hotel 81 Osaka down the road. It was a budget hotel though but it was very new, the room was almost the same size as Link Hotel and much much friendlier staffs. I love Hotel 81 ;) .. uHm, not the one in Geylang though..

More Christmas tree to prove I was there during Christmas!

Nothing much to explore in Bugis Junction. Proceeded to Bugis Street and didn't get much stuff as well. Got a pair of fakelashes, for Chinese New Year, haha!

It started to rain in the afternoon :( Initial plan was to Haji Lane, in fact I was looking forward to go Haji Lane since forever! We almost cancel the plan, and the boy smelled the dissapointment in me and proposed to braved through the rain, so off we went, squeezed under my small pink folding umbrella.


The rain stopped once we reached, thank you guanyinma, jesus, allah and ganesha ;)

It was my first time to Haji Lane and my findings are:

1) Haji Lane is just a lane
2) Very karerful!!
3) Everyone hoo-haa-ing over the old shophouses here which can be seen everywhere in Taiping 4) It is an expensive place!

So let the pictures do the talking..

OK, so I left Haji Lane empty handed.

Later on we went back to Orchard cos the boy wanted to get the Zara sneakers he spotted the day before. Hello Orchard!

We went into this gigantic Christmas tree outside ION (if I'm not mistaken) and it was so be-au-ti-ful!

Cotton On was at a mess. 50% here and there and long queue both in fitting room and cashier. I might as well just try my luck to get this fedora in Pavilion. Cheaper I think..

But I don't know what for I wanna buy this fedora as I had one before and I sold it off.

Four stories Forever 21 in one of the shopping centre in Orchard!!! Somerset 313 I think?

"Hello aunty, stop staring at us..."

Dinner time at Chinatown . We're looking for something local and came across this stretch of hawkers. And these pineapple fried rice with prawns as big as the smallest dried shrimps you can get, prawn rolls with prawn nowhere to be seen or taste, and fried oyster noodle cost us almost RM80. The most expensive hawker food I've ever tasted.

Checking out the next day..

It was drizzling again.. *sigh*

We passed by Explanade on the way to Merlion. I'm not sure why it looked so misty in this picture.

The Merlion! We're just trying to be touristy! The boy was sour 'cos I did not include anything touristy in the itenary, such as Sentosa.. haha! I was being assigned to plan for this trip and anyway, I consider shopping as sightseeing.

Last meal before depart.. MACAROONS!

I told the waiter "I want pink purple and brown!".. and he must be thinking this lady damn unglam.. HAHAHAH!!

Crabmeat linguine.

I'm soooooooo ladylike! :D

So that basically summarized my Christmas in Singapore. Well, more like Shopping in Singapore! :P

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charles said...

When I saw the first pic, I laughed out loud. Though your face was as black as char kway teow, but somehow you can still elicit smile from me. Stay bubbly as always. Happy new year to you, Cryst

c r y s t said...

HAHA Is it a compliment?? OK, I'll take it as a compliment.. (NY resolution #1)