Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Second time a mother...

.... and still BEING CRYST!

I'm currently 28weeks pregnant with my second child. Oh I'm such a lousy blogger and lousy mom. I didn't even have a proper blog post on my pregnancy this time. How can I explain to my daughter in future then??

I gotta admit, time passes so so so much faster with a busy toddler to look after. I have so little time for myself and to 'manage' my pregnancy. This time, I didn't:

1) Keep a journal on my pregnancy
2) Keep a record on baby and my own weight gain
3) Talk much to baby in my tummy

I also shop lesser as I already have all the necessary items.

But one thing for sure, I read up more on breastfeeding and so determined to breastfeed this time. I also hope to share the goodness of breast milk with korkor Cayden. This is one thing I regret the most - not breastfeeding long enough last time.

Oh, did I also mention before that I'm expecting a GIRL??? I'm so excited to be able to shop for girls stuff, like finally! And I have a pair now, I think I can close shop already, hahaha...

I've gained 10kg so far and many commented I looked 'bigger' as compared to previous pregnancy. Yes, I tend to junk a lot too. I hope my sugar level is still under control. Besides that, I get tired easily even during the early days. Breathless most of the time. It didn't help that I have to look and entertain Cayden all the time, and sometimes he still needs to be carried. And he's 16.4kg now.

Cayden is coping well with my pregnancy too. He loves his lil meimei a lot. He says 'hie!' to baby all the time and give my tummy a kiss from time to time. When I fetched him back from school, he'll also say 'hie!' to meimei the moment he gets up the car. I do hope in reality, when the meimei finally arrives, there won't be any jealousy between them and they will be able to bond easily.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Errrr... hie 2014

OMG Can't believe I've abandoned my blog for so long! Blame Dayre! It's not like I'm updating very frequently there but I guess it's much more frequent than this blog.. Follow me @beingcryst

Anyway, my little cheeky boy is exactly 2 and a half year old today! He has grown so much since the last time I updated. He talks like an adult, he's in the "WHY" stage, he sings all day and he has his mood swings most of the time. I'm still enjoying very much every moment spent with him.

Also, he has attended school for a few months already. He's loving school and made some new friends. I'd say he does take time to warm up to strangers unlike younger days. He can be really chatty at home but totally shut himself when he's in the company of new faces. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes he warm up pretty fast and talks a lot.

ALSO... another update for my blog, I'm currently 5 months pregnant.

Yes, Cayden is gonna upgrade his status to a big bro soon, I do hope he can be a real good bro who loves his sister. And yes, it's a girl I'm expecting this time. I hope gynae won't tell me he make a mistake when I go for my next check up.. lol

I'm currently back in my hometown. Cayden will be under care of my mom this coming weekend as the hub and I are going for a short vacation to Phuket. I don't know how are we gonna cope as it's been quite some time since I last away from my boy for more than a day. We took him with us for previous trips to Bali, HK and BKK.

Will update soon, fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Short updates

Can't believe 2 more days till Cayden turn 25 months. I have plenty of photos from his recent birthday trip to Disneyland HK, need to find time to update. Anyway, we're currently back in Taiping now, need to rejuvenate. Haha!

Just a quick update about C.

C weights 15kg and 89cm tall.

C is able to talk in a long sentence now. He never fail to amuse me everyday. C loves singing so much that each time he sees something, he'll relate it to a song and sing it out loud. Eg: Butterfly - Fly, fly, fly, a butterfly. Rain - Rain, rain go away! Elephant - Elephant, elephant, why is your nose so long? He can sing so many songs now, I lost count. He can even memorize certain script from the short story he watch from my iPad and his Barney DVD.

Some amusing conversation:

His cousin brother was putting his legs up on a chair.
C: I want to sit. Can you put down your legs?

I was making up the bed and threw his toy cat aside.
C: Why you throw my cat??

C: Mommy stupid.
Me: Cannot say stupid! That's very rude!
C: Daddy said mommy stupid!

He was trying to put on his shoes and the back strap of his Crocs got stucked under his legs.
C: Mommy help! Not comfortable!

We were playing blocks together and as I was building up a castle halfway, C swept them on purpose and destroyed everything. I showed my angry face.
C: Mommy play with me! Don't be angry! No more next time, be a good boy ok!


Argh! Growing up too fast! Blogging these made me emo already..

Monday, September 23, 2013

Last post before turning TWO!

Delayed in updating cos we've been traveling quite heavily lately. Been following the hub for work in Melaka quite frequently, dropping by KL as the ILs were there for short stay.

And last month, we made an impromptu trip to Bali. Of course, Cayden tagged along :) Since the hub and I had been to Bali before, we didn't plan for anything touristy this round. Hubby booked a villa with private pool and we spent most of the time relaxing in the villa and shopped nearby. First flight with Cayden was a success too! He was happily munching on snacks, playing with the stewardess, toys, iPad. He enjoyed himself a lot the entire trip and kept repeating "Cayden so happy! Thank you dehdeh! Thank you mimi!"

I'll let pictures do the talking.

My little monster is showing a lot of improvement and growing up really fast. He still talk a lot and eat a lot. And he has been singing all the time lately! Songs that he's able to sing include:

Rain, rain go away!
Twinkle twinkle little star
I love you (Barney)

And he's also able to sing many other songs but only parts of it.

Cayden says thank you a lot. He says thank you to waiter who open door for him, he says thank you to waitress who bring him highchair, he says thank you when I help to scratch him when he's itchy, he says thank you when I wiped his tears away after he stopped crying, etc.. He's such an angel ;)

At 23mo, Cayden weights 14.8kg and 86cm tall.

I'm not quite sure if I mentioned here before that Cayden has 2 swirls. Ever since he was born, I get many comments, especially from the elderly that this boy is gonna drive me nuts. I think it's pretty rude of them to give this kind of comment, I usually just brushed it off. After observing and being a full time mommy for almost 2 years, I would say it's a joy being his parent. He's a happy boy, always cheerful, very cheeky, fast learner, well-mannered, very loving but I can't deny he's super stubborn. No point reasoning, no point hitting. I hope the Terrible Two phase will not impact us much..

We've also registered him for January intake in nursery next year. Can't wait for the day to come but also in the other hand, I'm quite sad that my boy is growing up too fast.

Will be going to HK for his 2nd birthday next month.

2nd birthday? Are you kidding me???

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cui cui no more!

Less than 2 more months till his second birthday!

My little boy is growing up too fast. He's becoming more and more cheeky these days. Talk a lot too in longer sentence. Loves making fun of his poor mother and yes, he's super sticky to me. The hubby commented each time we sleep, Cayden will make sure part of him is touching me. Each time I moved, he'll roll and move nearer to me. Haha!

He can also recite complete "Rain rain go away" rhyme at 22 months old.

"Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Cayden wants to play!"

He is also getting more and more cheeky that he loves calling his daddy "am mo tan" (as in rambutan in Hokkien). How the poor daddy get his nick? Blame his own name - Ivan Tan. When asked Cayden what is his daddy's name, he'll go "IVAN TAN!" But his pronunciation wasn't that clear when he was younger thus we were saying it sounded like "am mo tan". And he loves teasing his daddy with this nick ever since.

Brought Cayden to the cinema too! When he first stepped his feet into the cinema, he was stunned for quite a while, stared at the big screen quietly for almost an hour until I offered him some champagne grapes.

Watched Despicable Me and second movie was Smurf 2. He loves Smurf and managed to watch till the end. There was a scene where the Smurfs were crying and Cayden suddenly gave a comment that amazed us - "So sad!" he said.

I personally think Cayden is quite matured for his age. Sometimes he's so obedient that it's kinda unbelievable. Like earlier today, he was happily kicking ball with his dad and I was shouting from room upstairs asking him to get up for shower. The daddy told him him to make a last kick and go to mummy. He did his last kick, said goodbye to the ball and proceeded upstairs without further negotiation.

We had been traveling quite frequently these week. Both to KL and Melaka. Was in Melaka last few days and this funny scenario happened. I passed Cayden some rubbish upon checking into the hotel room.

Me: Can you help mommy to throw these into the dustbin?
C: OK!
Me: Do you know where the dustbin in?
C: I know..

Much to my surprise, Cayden turned around and started shouting... "DUSTBIN... WHERE ARE YOU???" Laugh die me. lol

Also, another BIG achievement to brag about!



More like he weaned himself off the pacifier, haha! He got more addicted to his pacifier as days passed and I told myself that I MUST wean him off the pacifier by age 2.

Last few days after getting up from his noon nap, he was playing with his pacifier. He told me he's throwing it under his cot and I told him NO, sternly. He ignored and threw his pacifier in and *POOF!* It's gone! What happened was the pacifier bounced quite far away when he threw and it was out of sight. He was so proud of himself and exclaimed "Cayden MAGICCCCCC, NO MORE!"

So yeah, I'll just let it be. Cayden magic, no more! *evil grin* ;)

He did ask about it each day before he goes to bed and I'll remind him about his magic. He tried to magic it out but failed. Lol He told me a few times he magic it into his tummy and I told him to keep in his tummy forever. It has been about 4-5 days now he's off the binky and he's doing fine. So that's the end of his pacifier journey. I'm so so proud of him and myself :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today he is 21 months old

When do people start saying 1 year and 9 months instead? Nevertheless, 3 more months till his second birthday! omg I'm getting all emo already! I was browsing through my old blog archives last night and it seemed like just not ago I was blogging about leaving my job, getting married and relocate to Kuantan, getting preggie, giving birth and WHOA! He's almost hitting big TWO!

Can't believe I actually made it through.. haha Old friends still couldn't imagine how motherly I can be. Being a full time mama, taking care and providing 24/7 tip-top service to my little precious. Watch him grow daily, witnessing each and every milestone, I wouldn't trade anything else for the life I'm leading now. He still amused me daily with how much he knows, his funny faces and antics and recently he has been talking like a pro.

Some amusing conversation:

Fed Cayden with a piece of chicken and he swallowed in seconds.
Me: Hey! That's fast! Did u chew??
Cayden: ..... Forgot!

Was dressing him up in his pyjamas.
Me: Look at your shirt. "I love mommy!"
Cayden: "I love daddy" where?

He was walking one morning and suddenly lost his balance and fell.
Cayden: hehe.. MABUK!

Was questioning Cayden about ABC.
Me: A for .....
Cayden: Apple!
Me: B for ....
Cayden: Ball!
.... all the way till I...
Me: I for ....
Cayden: IVAN TAN! (the hubby)

Not sure if I mentioned here before, but Cayden is self-feeding completely around 19 months old.

He still loves his food a lot. This morning I brought him for lunch in a cafe and he was happily helping himself with sandwiches filled with chicken, tomato slices and raw lettuce. A lady next table was staring in awe and kept questioning what did I do to make him eat his greens and feed himself so well. LOL. He never fails to surprise strangers and make his mama proud each time he dines outside.

Cayden also loves sharing. I've tried observing many times when he's with other kids. He does not hesitate to share his toys although I've never really invite other kids to his playroom before. Those who know me well should be aware that I'm a girl with many imaginary friends since young ;) Everything can talk, including remote control. I make him practice sharing with all his fury friends. Not sure if it contributes to his behavior though.

As of now, Cayden speaks most words in English, except 'bu yao' and 'mei you'. He understands Mandarin though. I'm not sure if it's good or bad as people around are speaking to him mostly in Mandarin and sometimes when he replies in English, they couldn't understand him. Even my MIL is speaking quite a lot of English with him now, haha.

Still wearing XL-sized Mamypoko diaper pants during the day and tape type during the night. Yet to start potty training cos I'm lazy like that. Well, some said when the kid is ready, they'll do it somehow. Cayden is still unpredictable, waking up once for midnight feed sometimes. He's taking about 2 hours nap in the afternoon. I usually put him to bed at night around 930pm and by 10pm he's usually asleep.

Cayden is getting pretty sensitive with the camera nowadays. When he notice I'm trying to take his photo, he'll just naturally give me his signature smile.

Also, I'm considering to enrol him for playschool soon, mainly for him to mix around with other kids. I wonder who's the one with separation anxiety when the time comes. Me or him?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At almost 20 months old

Lately, Cayden has start using the word 'again'.

Grandma: Hachoooooo...~
Cayden: Ah ma hachoo..
Grandma: Hachoooooooooo....~
Cayden: Ah ma hachoo again!!

x x x x x x x x x

Went Tpg Sentral the other day and Cayden saw an Indian man with curved up mustache - similar to pic below.

He excitedly point, walked towards him and shouted "POTATO HEAD!"

I immediately picked him up and walked away quickly. I don't think that guy understand him cos his pronounciation wasn't that clear.. HAHA!

x x x x x x x x x

He develops a habit of saying 'bu yao mimi' (don't want mimi) each time I did not give in his request or raised up my voice, or just for fun of saying it.

Today, he kept wanting to stand on his high chair after meal despite numerous time of warning. I raised up my voice again and he said "BU YAO MIMI". I pushed his chair to the side and ignored him. Of course still eying to make sure he's safe. He slowly sat and blabbered, make funny noise, talked to himself while I carried on cleaning up the dining table, and ignoring him. He made funny faces and I still ignored. After a while he did realize I'm really upset and said "horr....mimi angry....horrrr...."

Quite funny. But I maintained my serious face. Haha!!

Before naptime, I gave him a good lecture on how his statements and behaviors upset me. And he suddenly gave me another shocking reply.

"Sorry mimi"

Awwww... he melts my heart. He is really growing up. But as expected, he forgot all about it after his nap and still 'bu yao mimi' for fun.. -_-"