Monday, May 17, 2010

Too free FML

OK, you girls are smart! :( Very smart!

In fact when I posted in FB, some commented it's nice but mostly didn't believe I got a new hair cut too. And few asking if it's a wig. Does it really look like a wig meh? I had the same hair cut last 2 years what... :(
See!! Same right!!

Anyway, my hair is now long, still very long and it's growing very fast as claimed by many and I shall grow it even longer!! Muahaha!! :DNew dress I got today. Love it to bits!! ;) And the same old phrase.. I'm broke :( But I can't stop myself.. :(

Proper update when I'm in Kuantan next two days.. with proper fast speed internet connection :)

7 loves:

fashioncircus said...

is that the swallow dress from Zara? :)

c r y s t said...

yes babe, in fact spotted lots of gorgeous items in Zara lately ;)

Anggie's Journal said...

want to get marry and photo shoot , long hair is better lei :P but ur face shape can match any kind of hair la .... :P
Nice Dress .....

Anggie's Journal said...

btw, being a mother for 2 boys, cannot wear dress like that... cos i always chase the boys like "crazy mum" so pants and T is just right for me... bored !!! but no choice :P

jess said...

im a mum for 2 boys..but im still wearing skirt n high heel..;p

fashioncircus said...

did u get it?
i think it's expensive for tht piece.
miu miu inspired

c r y s t said...

anggie: yaya, i'm definately keeping long hair till my wedding day and after that i think im gonna ZAAaApPPpPPp~!!! :D

jess: cos u HIAO :P

fashioncircus: yeah, i did. i cant resist such a pretty dress ;)