Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrate with new clothes

Few more days to go before the sound of tong tong ciang from the TV or radio filled the air early in the morning! I'm so looking forward already, despite having to stay in Ktan till second day of CNY. This is my first year celebrating CNY away from home and I'm homesick already :(

Emo business aside, today I'm posting up my CNY loots ala Hayley,  lol!!
Dress from Topshop. I'll be wearing this for reunion dinner. The boy's family have the tradition of having reunion dinner outside with all the aunties and uncles so I guess this will be appropriate. Might be wearing it with my heart-printed stockings and I'm still indecisive which shoes to match. Hope I don't look too cute for my age and my status as a Mrs!
Might be wearing this for the first day of CNY cos I realize all my new clothes are either, beige, brown or black :( Hopefully the in-laws won't mind me wearing shorts for the first day though... Top from Forever 21, Lace shorts from Valleygirl.

And I'll be spending the rest of the CNY in Taiping!

I noticed my style this year has changed from being all girly to smart casual. Might be the age, the status of a Mrs or might be the environment. I don't know.
 Top from Forever 21, bottom from Zara.
Top from Topshop, tutu skirt from online long time ago.
Top from Purpledotz, Bangsar. Bottom from Miccaz.
Top from Baci, Bangsar.
Tube jumpsuit from Mizu Closet.
Top from Forever 21. Still unsure what bottom to match.
Top from Room8008. Bottom from Pull and Bear.
Chiffon dress from Mizu Closet.
Top from Cotton On, bottom from Pull and Bear.

You might noticed I'm having all earth-toned and leopard prints. I'm such a bore, I know.

Last but not least..
My sleepwear wtf. Both top and bottom from FOS.

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Hayley said...

LOL, you really blogged about it!!
I love your jumpsuit! I wanted to buy one but not sure how appropriate it is, you know la, Taiping...... :P

kiM said...

im looking for a lace short!!! and urs is so pretty!!! i realise i forget to get myself pj after reading ur post!

Charles said...

Hi Cryst..Carment and I wish you Happpy "tong tong chiang" first. Carment just said she wants to beat you's envious of your "tai tai" lifestyle..hehe..

c r y s t said...

hayley: yes i did!! haha! the jumpsuit is awesome innit? i love it a lot! err.. layer with a cardi maybe? lol... i und i und.. im facing same prob as well here..

kim: thanks babe!! :D new pj for new year is a MUST innit? :P and new innerwear too!

charles: happy "tong tong chiang" to both of u, and celeste too!! haha no need beat me up, this tai tai soon gonna look for a job! :P end of tai tai life..

Suet Li said...

aghhh you look so good in all your clothes!!

Anggie's Journal said...

wow, so many news cloths for CNY, all also pretty , suit u vy much too...can wear until "jor 8" also can ... nice nice ...

mysha said...

Love your style, fashionably casual!