Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi 2013!

Cayden is now 15 months and 2 weeks old!

I feel so blessed to have my boy with me. It's weird that I've actually forgotten how life was before him. How my life has changed tremendously and how my world revolves around him and only him.And how much happiness he brought to our lives. Not forgetting endless sleepless nights and joint pains...

Cayden is walking quite steadily now and I've been doing quite a lot on research of getting him a good pair of walking shoes. Ended up with Clarks sandals cos it's the nicest design that I can accept, haha. I'm desperate for a pair of Pediped but it's not available in Msia. Am considering to get him a pair of Combi sneakers too. He can also fit into the 2 pairs of hands-me-down moccasins from his cousin brother. The leather feels really soft and comfy!

He's very good with iPhone and iPad. I'll just pass him the gadget and he'll swipe and look for his own favorite application. I wonder when he'll be able to figure out how to unlock them. I let him play with the gadget about 15 mins a day but recently he's always making noise and throwing temper wanting to play. Thus both gadgets are always out of sight.

His favorite word at the moment is still 'bu yao'. But sometimes he'll say 'bu yao la...' like an old man, haha! He can also say 'mei you o..' (don't have), 'sit here' and 'shake shake'.

He's one cheeky and playful little boy. Most night when I tried to put him to sleep, I'll close my eyes and pretend to be asleep next to him. He'll suddenly say "Mmm mmmm..." (poo poo). He really knows how to get my attention. I'll then ask him "Poo poo ar?" and he'll look down, shake both his hands and say "Mei you o..." -_-

He's an early riser too. He goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 8am. When he wakes up, usually I'll ignore him and continue my beauty sleep while he lies next to me exploring his hands, legs, playing with his bolster, cat, poking my face, climbs on top of me and lies on my stick figured body, pull my hair and so on. After a while he'll giggle to himself, removes his pacifier and place my finger inside his mouth and gives me a bite. By then I'll be staring at him already and this joker will be laughing and hugging me. LOL!

He stopped growing new teeth already after the 8th one. Recently bought him a new toothbrush with real bristle from Pigeon (stage 3) and floride-free toothpaste from Chicco. He keeps his mouth shut tight most of the time when I try to brush his teeth. Bought him a Picoyo mug today and taught him to gargle and that joker laughed uncontrollably when I showed him how to spit.. sigh...

Upgraded him to XL-sized diaper last week too. He's wearing Mamypoko pants during daytime and tape-type at night. Heard Pampers Active Baby is really good too but it's really hard to find.

Did I also mention that I'm starting a mini library for him? That deserves an individual post :)

This guy has also stopped STTN after I composed the earlier post. :( He still wakes up for his midnight feed every 3-4 hours now. But last night he only woke up once. He's so unpredictable!!! I've recently changes his formula to organic Babynat after knowing Enfagrow contains quite a lot of sugar. Luckily Cayden is not a fussy eater. He still gobbles down till the very last drop of Babynat although it's not that fragrant as compared to Enfagrow.

As about me, this is my latest look!

I realized I seldom post picture of myself anymore after being a momma. Chopped off my dry frizzy hair and changed my hair colour to violet. I think violet makes my skin fairer and healthier as compared to the previous greenish brown. And short hair makes me fresher too. What say you? :)

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Hayley said...

Cayden looks like a big boy in this first photo!

He wakes up at 8am? Consider very good already, Aden wakes up at 7am, sometimes even earlier =_=

Oh ya your latest look is so nais~

Hey, when shall we meet during CNY? ;]