Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15th

Ohai.. ;)

I'm back to Blogger, I know I'm unpredictable like that.. and don't get me started on why I'm moving to Blogger once again. Fingers crossed this will be the last time, but going DOT COM is exceptional case-lah!

I sorta stopped blogging for quite some time. I wonder if I'll still get back my readers. I've been working on this site quite some time back. Simple and clean layout, but linking all those sites had been quite a hassle. If you all notice, I've started on a new preloved site too - Over With It. Yeah, I'm closing down Baboobeep. I'm hoping I'll be able to work on better layout, better pics and better uhm, everything.

Before you start assuming something is definately wrong with me or I'm having quarter life crisis or whatsoever, I hereby declare I'm totally OK. Very fine, happy and still being Cryst. It's just that after stopped blogging for so long and stopped updating Baboobeep, when I looked back my sites, I know I should be doing a better ones. Und? Und? ;)

And oh btw, I decided to write my first post today mainly because today mark the 5th year anniversary of Ivan and myself. FIVE YEARS! We sorta mixed up the date a lil' cos according to him it was 14th midnight (early 15th) and I read from my diary it was supposed to be 15th midnight (early 16th) wtf wtf. So, 14th? 15th? or 16th?? So after the same arguement for so many years, we concluded we shall make it 15th.


Being together for 5 years, of course there're ups and downs but I'm glad we made it through everything. He'd been with me since I stepped into aduldhood and he'll also be the one I wanna grow old with..

No emo momo post, those words are better kept between us two..

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Hayley said...

Hey welcome back~
please pay some hard work to blogging as you still have readers out there..... ;)

c r y s t said...

haha, i'll try.. stopped blogging for too long, i felt like a beginner...

just hangsing. said...

u banyak sweet la........make me wanna cry! :)