Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gaining back

December is the best month of the year. This week onwards, there'll be 3 continuous PH on Friday! Ah~ I love Malaysia! ;)

Our trip down south has been confirmed. Booked the hotel room which neither of us know it's whereabout. And still deciding whether to drive down or take bus. Everything seemed kinda uncertain at the moment. It's just a short 3d2n stay during Christmas time and we're not even celebrating the eve over there..

But I iz very the happy one!!! :D

Btw, miss me? I realised I haven't been posting any pics lately (in my old blog). So, for those who actually misses me, this pic is for you..

omg.. I ashamed.

Do you really think I'll abuse myself like that -_-" ...

This was taken during pre-photoshoot of 2nd July. My sister always abuses me :(

Nah, here's a more decent photograph.

A not-very-recent pic of myself. I have difficulty searching for a latest pic of myself last night. I realised I haven't been camwhoring for quite sometime. Shucks. That must be the reason why I stopped blogging. I don't know how to blog without pic.

Or maybe, I stopped blogging and that is why I stopped camwhoring. Whatever.

Another more recent pic of myself.

Taken yesterday in the office using my hp. (centre parting?!!) I sent mms to the boy to show him how sad my life was yesterday, having cup noodle for lunch. I was alone in the office as most of my collegues went for training. Initially I thought it'd be fun being all alone, but not when the phone started ringing like mad. MAD i tell you and it's NOT fun ok! :(

Kesimpulannya, I have to gain back myself-lah.

Anyway, this was delivered to the office yesterday when I was at lowest mood.

Aww.. he made my day. ;)

And the best thing is, the boy starts giving flowers now, haha! He's not that typical kinda boy who gives flowers and chocolates when we started dating. And hey, I'm not complaining! Look, I'm a happy girl now ;)

Will be attending Christmas Bash later today and I doubt I'll be enjoying myself. Talk about socializing.. hmph!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cryst, welcome back to blogging world. Do enjoy reading your blog, so this time dont be malas lar..

just hangsing. said...

I like the picture your sister took of you so sexy.....oh ya, how did you create snowflakes? I plan to move my multiply stuff to Blogspot. recommend it?

c r y s t said...

ipohahboy: You're here! *shy* Will definately try to update more frequent *fingers crossed* ;)

just: I just googled for 'snow effect blogger' and there're a few links where u just have to copypaste the html they provided. Yes, come join Blogger!