Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beep is one year older!

4 days off from work, I dragged myself to work heavy heartedly this morning. sigh...

Celebrated the boy's birthday yesterday. Just a simple celebration - jalan-jalan cari makan. Gonna do a short simple post. So let the pictures do the talking aight?

We had dinner during his birthday eve at Steak Out, Puchong. Initially, I was thinking of Black Hole in Hartamas. But unfortunately it's closed.. :(

The boy's friends recommended this place and according to them, the Pork Knuckle is omfgdamndelicious. So we ordered one, stated there for 2 pax sharing.

And when the waiter served the dish, we were like -__________-" The portion was HUGE, picture just doesn't show..

The boy liked it. Perhaps every guy loves pork. It was OK, but too meaty for me though..

We even tapau-ed half. (YES! You read it right, we tapau-ed! :P so what?) My brother liked it too..

The next day, we went to watch AVATAR 3D in the Gardens and it's amazing! Obviously, it's the best movie of the year! I love the effect and I think Neytiri is really cute! ;)

Got this cupcakes from Delectable.. (Beep, I promise I'll do nicer cupcakes next year..)

You tell me la! How am I suppose to put this in my stomach!! T_T Damn cute ok...


May your dreams come true and be good (to me)! ;)

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charles said...

He will be good to you, I am sure. Btw, really nice cupcakes..I am sure Celeste gonna loves it if she ever sees the cupcakes