Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old stuff

edit: One my reader told me that she can't leave comment in this blog. Anyone can help? Also, any idea how to make my picture appears bigger?

Found these pictured when I logged into my Friendster account this morning..

I first joined Friendster since November 2003. That was like 6-7 years back! That time I used to frequent the computer lab in KDU to keep myself update with the happenings in this social networking website. Leaving testimonials in my friend's page and spying on my crushes ;)

(my first 2 testimonials)

It's fun reading testimonials my friends left for me ;)

But people are slowly leaving forwarded messages and graphics, advertisements and spams in the box and that's when I started to migrate to Facebook. I'm still keeping my Frienster account till today even though I longer log in 'cos I'm connected to some of my highschool and college friends there who still being loyal to Friendster instead of Facebook.

I guess the trend changes very fast. Now that almost everybody is addicted to Facebook, one day we might look back and say Facebook is so outdated.

Just like how I used to log into mIRC so often during my highschool days. Everyday without fail I'll log in to #buaya-family at using my nick cHeEkY^BaNaNa ;)

cHeEkY^BaNaNa: hi! a/s/l?
random: hi 17/m/kl. u?
cHeEkY^BaNaNa: 17/f/tpg. *and proceeded to send nice glittery graphic of 'nice to meet you'*

HAHA omg I still remember!!! *slaps forehead* I guess if today I tell people I chat in mIRC, people will go WALAU U SO PARIA ONE!!!

Looking back, all these sites do leave a very sweet memory. Memory of my younger days in fact.
Haih.. I don't wanna grow up! :(

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Hayley said...

so true! It was so hit when i started to join Friendster. but am now active in FB. as for friendster, i think i've stopped login since last year. i think i've forgotten my password though :S

charles said...

hey cryst, initially I had problems leaving message here. Kept saying it's not i just click on name/url and it does the trick...btw, funny pic with the kids

Anggie's Journal said...

Finally i can leave comment , and thanks for the change ya .....