Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mixed feelings

And suddenly I lost the mojo to blog again -_-"

I told myself to blog more often now, to update my sisa-sisa hidup in KL wtf, but apprently nothing interesting happen. And I don't wanna blog about any unhappy stuff. Let this blog be my happy place, where when I look back few years down the road, I will only have happy memories...

Oh by the way, if you've noticed, I've added tickers at the bottom right side of the blog.

Yala, counting down to my wedding day can bo?? :P

I've check out gazillion of photographers, videographers, and make-up artists for my wedding and I've concluded that I'm in the wrong field now. I should just venture into anything to do with wedding and I'll be loaded.

For actual day photographer, I've confirmed on Pin from Love Vision. He'll be the one shooting for my pre-wedding too. Check out his lama tak update punya blog here. As for Taiping side, Eric from the Tripod Kakis will be shooting for me. He did awesome sets for me here, here and here. Which means I have photographers confirmed for both sides now.

And I'm now looking for videographer. The last I checked, one of the Kuantan based videographer is charging 1.6k for 1 videographer, 2k for 2 videographer. And make-up artist! Taiping side I've confirmed on Ivy from Elegance Bridal Image Styling. Found her from FB. In fact, a few of my friends are using her so I guess she should be good.. The best thing is, she's only charging RM260. But I have no idea for Kuantan at all. Love Vision is charging 1k plus for their make-up service and that's crazy expensive! It's like 1k here, 2k there and I have no idea how much we'll be spending overall.. *sigh*

No wonder the old folks always saying, no money don't get married. wtf.

And I am now confused. All the while I have the perception that bridesmaids equals chimuis. And maid of honour is the head of the bridesmaids. But yesterday I learnt that bridesmaids and chimuis are two different thing. Oh lord! So damn confusing :(

I'm thinking of lilac theme for the morning ceremony in Kuantan. Pink will be too girlish. Red is too Chinese-y. I hate green. Blue is too manly. So, lilac it shall be! :D

Such a sweet colour! ;)

And I can so imagine how well the dress will go with this hand bouquet..

Have not confirm on the theme, but I really like this shade ;)
Makes me wanna get married A.S.A.P.


WTF just joking-lah! Cannot ar??

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kiM said...

wow u're getting marry?? CONGRATS!!!!!
i like the shade of lilac!! Many of my friends choose love vision for pre wedding photograph.. their photo are lovely..:D cant wait to c urs..

Congrats again dear!!

Hayley said...

Wow you're getting married!! i'm so excited for you!! :D
yes, Ivy is great in make up! not sure if you seen my photos in FB.
as for videographer, you can check out the video in my profile.. my friend did the videographer for me for the whole day and the price is reasonable.
if you like it, i can intro to you ;)

charles lim said...

hey Cryst..dont lar like that..mesti ada semangat to blog..then again it's true to only blog happy stuff..if not suey will be your bff..:p

I am pretty sure you will be a blushing bride. Tahniah worrr

c r y s t said...

kim: thanks girl ;) in fact i have no idea why i ended up with Love Vision, but fingers crossed they can deliver what they promised...

hayley: Haha I actually got got to know abt Ivy from your FB! and then linked to her site and saw few of my frens there.. LOL btw, can't find the video you mentioned leh, I wanna c!!

charles: LOL ah-suay! Srsly I have no idea why u got so many things to blog abt and I think I did asked Carment before.. LOL and terima kasih! save the date k!

Hayley said...

Cryst, erm, try go my profile and search for older posts.. the video was uploaded last week.