Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So tempting..

You tell me how la now. I just tendered my letter where got money already :(

The more I love Topshop, the more I hate it.. and vice versa..


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Anggie's Journal said...

oh my, i like the heel ... very nice lei ... from topshops ??? must be expensive then ...O.o

ask ur future hub to sponsor abit first lor .....:P

Anggie's Journal said...

btw, how u shop online for oversea ?? by paypal ??? then the postage fees must be killing !!

charles said...

how arr? how about pulling back the letter ar? haha. I guess fat chance, huh?

Aamax said...

ya wor shipping fees banyak kao-kao lah, somemore for overseas nid to buy insurance incase missing during the shipment izzit?
btw is any gal here know is there any other way to buy stila?? it closed down worldwide OMG!!!!! Or cryst, you wanna considered US for your honeymoon trips? if yes u help me buy from there la hehehe

c r y s t said...

anggie: yup! from topshop!! i checkout the other day in klcc outlet, they dont have it yet :( and uhm, i have not tried purchasing from overseas yet.. i'm too stingy to pay for the postage! :P

charles: never crossed my mind.. hehe

kelly: i love stila lip glaze ;) which part of the world still has it??

♥PingPing♥ said...

ice cream color summer....is the time to hv beach trip^^