Monday, March 8, 2010

1 month to end 4 years

You can guess it...
Yup! I finally tendered my resignation letter today. Phew!

Time flies, I still remember vividly the day I browsed through, applied and within the next few days, I received a call to attend the interview. And within the next few weeks, I started work in this very new working environment with ZERO knowledge in IT. I remembered how I carried along a new book "All you need to know about computer" and my oh-so-hospitable attitude to this corporate environment, ended up feeling like a slave the end of the day..

Everyone thinks they're above the rest. If you smiled, don't expect they smile back. If them wished them 'Good Morning', maybe all you get is just a nod.

As time passes by, I realised I adapt to the environment, and I moulded myself to be who I am today. I no longer smile at anyone who walk pass me, no longer greet everyone with a cheerful GOOD MORNING. Like they care. I'm feeling very stucked up sometimes, oh maybe that's how the society behaved anyway. Like they care..

Slowly I think I'm loosing myself.

I learnt so much of IT knowledge that I never thought I would know. I learnt to show my anger, funnily. I learnt to fake a personality, that's the worst thing of all!

I miss how I used to be..

As much as I hate 101 things about my job now, after tendering my letter today, I actually miss this place too. Some collegues are awesome, I will miss them, really. Like it or hate it, today marks the first day of my 1 month notice...

Anyway, my new netbook arrived today! Yup! I got Acer netbook finally, the staff price is irresistable! HAHA I'm onlining for the very first time from my new baby now.. it's ok so far.. ;)


Spotted this top and skirt from F21 the other day. So cute!! Till the extend that I almost forget my age..

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charles said...

Finally!Finally! You are right. As much as you hated the workplace, you are attached to it emotionally in a way. I guess it's high time to end the 4 years, and embark on a totally different journey with your other half.Congrats to both tendering and "flemington" occasions.

Hayley said...

So where are you going after this? *wondering*
get marry and become siu lai lai? :P

Anggie's Journal said...

hmmm.... i guess u know what best for u , if the workplace make u so unmotivate , just hv to leave the comfort zone .... no wory, u still so young, so many job out there !!! :P or ng sai jou la ..... become siu lai lai ..... :P "my wish" my day ... hahhahahha

c r y s t said...

charles: haha, yea.. sorta sad to leave this place too.. :(

hayley: uhm, no plans yet atm.. lol.. get married, but no siu lai lai.. ;)

anggie: i did not expect 4 years jusy passed by in a blink of eye. it's true that ppl said time passes faster as u grow older.. :(

Just. Hangsing said... did that feel when you tender the letter! Must be strange eh? I miss you la.

c r y s t said...

just: this is my 1st time tendering resignation letter srsly! the other time was sorta tendering indirectly.. now my sould is already separated from my body at work.. :(