Friday, December 17, 2010

Still alive!

Helloooooo world, I'm still here, alive and doing well :)

A friend/ reader posted on my FB wall and asked if I gave up blogging and it suddenly hit me hard. Gosh! What am I up to? I almost forget most part of the most meaningful event of my life!

Anyway, I'm currently back in Taiping for a week plus. It's my first time back since my wedding. The hubby fetched me here last Thursday and went back himself on Sunday while I'll be staying till next Monday. Will be attending a friend's wedding dinner this coming Saturday, can't wait! It's another reunion again since my wedding dinner in KL last 2 months! It feels like many months ago...

And I'm enjoying every moment I spend here, seriously.

Life in Ktan for the past 2 months was ok, I'm still trying to adapt. Well, it needs time. Especially when I'm so used to work in the golden triangle and so used to the crowd and traffics.

Talking about the traffic in KL, it's either you love it or hate it. I used to hate the traffic condition when I worked in KL, but ever since my resignation in March early this year, I've been traveling back to Tpg and Ktan very frequently and I actually kinda miss it. Traffic jam is actually kinda... uhm, happening wtf. I miss those time spent in car for hours, listening to my favourite radio channel, having a cup of white coffee in my Starbucks tumbler and just people watch. Especially after my shopping, I actually enjoyed the unpacking session in the car while being stucked in the jam!

And the utmost important advantage of working in the golden triangle, I hardly missed any SALES! Like today for instance, I received an email notification of Topshop's End Season Sale that starts TODAY (and member additional 10% off today!!) and felt so unhappy/ annoyed/ lost/ left out/ unfashionable that to the fact I'm in Tpg and I'm gonna missed the first day of sales!! Turn back time to few months back, I'll nicely arrange to spend my lunch time in Topshop in KLCC and then to Topshop in Pavilion after work! (I'm so kiasu I know, hurr hurrr..)

And friends! I really miss spending time with my friends.. I kept complaining to the hubby, I am so bored and lost without any friends in Ktan and he commented that even when I was in KL, I hardly spend time with friends. It's very true indeed, but when everyone is at the same place, it feels like meeting up anytime is not impossible at all. I won't be missing anyone cos I know meeting up anytime is possible. Geddit? Geddit??

Ah well.. just rambling.. I'm not complaining. And I'm definitely not comparing. Oh well, maybe yes, I'm comparing. But obviously there are advantages and disadvantages. I feel less happening but I'm definitely more relaxed.

What I've been doing everyday in Ktan?

I spent most time onlining.. FB, blog-hopping, online shopping, keeping myself up with the latest trends. Been following the hubby to work sometimes. Pedicure, manicure, facial.. well, I'm not into these kinda self-pampering actually, but that's how time can pass faster.

Shopping.. sometimes, very rarely. There quite a lot of boutiques here but only selected few that I'm ok with but personally I think stuff are tad overpriced in Ktan. I still prefer to shop online. Oh, btw, there's MNG Outlet as well, freaking low price but definitely out of season.. But I still frequent to get some basics. When I really desperate to shop, I can basically satisfy myself with anything from Carrefour, Parkson, Guardian, Popular, or any local supermarket! I think it's just the matter of spending some moolah. I think it's already in my blood, blame it to my previous working environment! Night time will spend some time with the hubby watching movies at home or in the cinema or maybe getting a drink at the local bar sometimes. Am actually planning to get Baboobeep back on business.

Am I bored and do I feel useless?


But getting relocated in October, honeymoon in November, plans to back hometown and family holiday in December, Bali in January, and CNY in February, it's kinda impossible for me to get a job first. Unless I request for 2 weeks holiday in a month! There will be a new 5-star hotel cum convention centre opening end this year in Ktan and I'm planning to apply for a job. Most likely after CNY. Yes, I'm planning to get back to hotel line after 4 years. But I'm not sure if I can do sales, I'm not a people person. I'm kinda stucked up at times, I know myself well. No way I'm getting back to operation side for sure. But after being comfortably unemployed for 9 months, or ONE WHOLE FREAKING YEAR if I'm to apply for a job in March next year, I'm not sure if I'm gonna procrastinate. I'm obviously getting lazier.. But I seriously need to get a life and get some friends!

Any plan to make a baby anytime soon? (yeah, I know most of you ppl are wondering..)

Maybe not yet. We're both hoping to travel more before we're ready to dedicate ourselves to the little one. But whatever will be, will be. :)

I hope this summarized  my duration of disappearance from the cyberworld blog.

And yes, my blog is open to public again cos I'm done with my wedding and I no longer give a damn to the stalker anymore :)

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Hayley said...

Haha finally!! :D
Well, no need to think so much la, kin kin plan for a baby then your time will be fully utilised! :)

c r y s t said...

when is your turn then!!! :D

Anggie's Journal said...

haha ..... you both enjoy ur honeymoon 1st la, dun get so fast in to kids .... u will get all tight up like ME ....:P

Last , 冬至快乐! & 圣诞快乐 !!

Sukieyakie said...

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas sis ...

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•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛
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