Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pregnancy: Brown Discharge

The title says it all. I was shocked when I observed light brownish discharge in the morning and immediate I called up the hubby. He arrived home shortly and I made a call to the medical center to check if these kinda situation is common during pregnancy. The nurse advised me to see the doctor immediately and since there were many other patients, I was scheduled for appointment in the late afternoon.

Dr Goh performed a routine pelvic exam and found a tiny reddish-purple thingy near my cervix, known as Endocervical Polyp. In majority cases, it's non-cancerous and cause no harm to the baby. He asked if I wanted it to be removed immediately or do I have to think it overnight. Of course, no point considering since it'll have to be out sooner or later.

It was removed surgically in the doctor's office. He used a forceps to grasp the base of the polyp stem and plucking it with gentle twisting motion. I did not feel anything during the entire process but my heart was pumping hard. The hubby was watching closely by my side but I couldn't bear the process. I had my eyes closed all the time. The polyp was removed in seconds, measures about 1-2cm, looking like a bulb on thin stem. It will be sent over to KL to examine if there's any sign of cancer.

Then he did ultrasound on my baby and when I saw the image of it moving and kicking hard on the monitor screen, I was relieved. Listened to the heartbeat as well, it was magical. ;)

Will be on antibiotic for 4 days, hopefully everything will be alright.
Baby at 12 weeks day 4

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