Friday, October 7, 2011

Cough, fever, flu... and then the BLOODY SHOW!

Was down with cough since Tuesday so we went to the gynae on Wednesday, one day earlier than scheduled. My weight has dropped to 63.1kg but bunny increased to 3.4kg! Dr Goh prescribed me with Prospan Cough Syrup and Zyrtec for the nose.

Unfortunately, that night itself, I was down with fever. From 37.4°C to 37.7°C to 38.3°C.. So off we went to the gynae again the next morning where he prescribed me with some Panadol and Zinnat antibiotic.

And that night itself, THE SHOW BEGUN...

Told my mum casually I'm seeing a little red (yes, mum is with me in Kuantan since the weekends) and my mum told my MIL and both of them was so sure the baby is popping and insisted that I call the hubby back from gym. So I casually gave him a call, asked him to be back when he's ready. He was still in the gym when I called. Then I went around to gather all my things and repack the necessities. I had no contraction at all. 

Surprisingly, the hubby is right at the doorstep within the next 10 minutes! He went for quick shower and had quick dinner and was drained with sweat before we left to the hospital. Mum followed us while my MIL had her quick dinner. In fact, I didn't really feel like I'm in labor at all...

The hubby dropped my mum and I off at the hospital receptionist while he went to park his car. I chatted casually with the receptionist and told them I had bloody show. The nurse got me a wheelchair immediately, which I resisted. I told her I had no pain, only bloody show. Then she guided me up to the 1st floor where the maternity ward is.

Upon reaching the 1st floor, I was told all the rooms were full, including 4 pax sharing and even VIP suite. I was like, OMG!!!! Then she led me to labor room and I was asked to rest there while they sort out the rooming stuff. I lied on the bed in the labor room, feeling so stressed out.

Still, no contraction pain.

I was hooked on to the ECG machine for 30 minutes and could listen to the baby's heartbeat. The mum and hubby was sitting next to me and few minutes later, my MIL and SIL arrived. I was kinda shocked when they told me my FIL and another SIL coming later cos frankly speaking I didn't feel like I'm in labor at all.

In the end, I only had ONE contraction in that 40 minutes.They took me off the monitor and was asked to rest while they call up Dr Goh to see if I need to be admitted.

Waited for an hour plus and finally Dr Goh arrived. He did internal examination and concluded than even though my cervix had started to thin out and dilated, the baby's head is still very high up. So I was told to go home and wait till I have contraction every 5 minutes, since I'm staying nearby.

So today, I'm 39 weeks and 6 days and still very pregnant.

p/s: Sorry for not replying earlier comments... I will when I have the time to. I really do appreciate all your supports and love ;)

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Anonymous said...

rehersal? hehe..very soon u'll be able to hold ur bunny on ur arms, wondering will your tears drop? hmmm definately!
Safe delivery!!!

Wyson said...

aiyoyo, ur bunny really stubborn woh...hehehe... i thought you MIA for few days, sure popped already..mana tau still so pregnant..
wishing you have a safe delivery soon..

prince n princess mum said...

Safe delivery ya!