Saturday, December 17, 2011

MIA but still very much alive..


All my time are so occupied nowadays. Personal time? No, I don't have any.

Baby Cayden is turning 10 weeks tomorrow! He has grown so much within these few weeks! He now weights 6kg and Dr Lee (pediatrician) commented he's a big baby, but not overweight. He has outgrown so many little rompers and hand-me-downs from his cousin brothers.

He's also such a chatterbox. He ah-goo so much when he's in the mood, especially in the morning. He can also laugh now when I play with him. So cute.

He now wakes up for feed only once at night, and I have more peaceful sleep. He still drinks 4oz formula, at every 2 hours. I tried increasing to 5oz the other day but he still wants milk every 2 hours, thus I'm back to 4oz.

He can now bring his hand to his mouth and suck on his thumb - so loudly! Also, this week he has also discovered his own hand. He can spend a long time lying there staring at his hand as if it's the most amazing toy on earth.

He loves his cot mobile. He keeps smiling and cooing at the bunny, donkey and chicken on the mobile each time I turned it on. But he still co-sleep with us. The baby cot is just for decoration. Ah well...

I've started on a blog for him the other day as I didn't want this blog to turn to baby diary. Am updating his blog on daily basis and at the same time, I hope I can still find time to maintain this blog.

I can stare at him everyday at all time and still feeling awesome.

I have a son. My son is growing and happy.

And I am indeed a mom!

3 loves:

Hayley said...

He's really a cute boy! Wonder when will I have the chance to meet him in person? hehe...

IYSON said...

really not easy to become a mum, somemore GOOD mum lagi hard... u are doing it great now..should have put the link for ur bb blog mah..

c r y s t said...

hayley: CNY? :)

iyson: yeah, really not easy... im saluting all mums!