Friday, November 25, 2011

Cayden at 6 weeks

For the past few days, I'm a monster mom.

Baby Cayden cried all day, and hardly nap in the afternoon. He made big fuss in the evening before bedtime. The entire household was expecting me, the mummy, to have a miracle touch. He kept crying till he's breathless, chocked and continued crying again. His face turned color. Purplish red. And it freaked me out.

I was so lost. I felt I'm not connected to him. I felt he didn't like me. Day ended with tears. I was seriously tired, exhausted. I didn't know what to do. It breaks my heart looking at him crying, it seemed like he's in so much pain. I tried applying ointment on his tum tum. Even asked Kak Mas (postnatal urut lady) to massage for him.

We tried our best to calm him down. I resorted to put him into sarong, although I was reluctant to at first. Each time he's finally asleep in our arms, the moment we put him down, he's awake and started fussing again.

And the cycle repeats for a few days.

I almost gave up.

Yesterday morning, Cayden made a very big fuss. He kept crying for a few hours. Stopped and cried again. His cry was so loud and scary. His face turned colour. It was raining cats and dogs outside. My MIL wasn't at home. My hubby and I rocked, swayed and sing to him in turn. He didn't stop crying.

Finally, we decided to brave the rain and paid Dr Lee, the pediatrician a visit.

Apparently, Cayden is all fine. He advised us to feed him on demand since he's hitting growth spurt. And by the way, Cayden weights 5.4kg now and Dr Lee commented he's growing fast.

Thus, we feed him each time he roots for milk. Which means, like almost every hour plus to two hour. He's taking 4oz Enfalac A+ formula now. He's finally behaving and started taking his afternoon nap.

He's a good boy when his tummy is full. I feed him before sponging and he'll go 'ang gu' and followed by a smile ;)

Motherhood is seriously a demanding 24/7 job. There're ups and downs. I felt like a bad mother when I abandoned him when he kept fussing few days back. I couldn't give him all the love and attention. I was very very exhausted. I did a lot of reading and research from the internet. I went into forums and read about other moms' experiences.

Slowly I regained my sanity and able to shower my son with love again.

There are so much to learn and I'm taking babystep, one at a time. I know I'll be able to handle this, 'cause I'm still very much in love with him.

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Waileng said...

Whoa... sister, calm down. Take a deep breath! Motherhood isn't exactly an endless marathon but more of a relay. Try to work out a schedule where you and hubby take turns so each other can get enough rest. Cos I know it worked for me.

My husband took the midnight session - from the moment my daughter sleeps at about 9pm until her feed around 3am. He'll then sleep till 9 (work starts at 10). While anything happens after 3am is my "job" since I'm a full time mom now. Anyway, she rarely sleeps in the afternoon too (I'll be lucky if I can put her to take 30 minutes nap). The good thing is at nights she rarely makes a fuss as long as I sleep together with her. I've been doing this since confinement so it's a routine that I sleep together with her so I know I have at least 6 hours of rest. If I'm lucky, she might sleep until 9am.

When a child is not full he may get cranky - just like my daughter. She is now on Mamex Stage 2. She drinks 6oz every 2 hours. 3 if I give her porridge between meals. Kids these days eat a LOT. Since your son is drinking 4oz in the morning, you MAY want to try giving him 5oz before sending him to bed for the night. That's how I managed to get my daughter to sleep longer.

Just remember when you feel exhausted and you need extra sleep, let your family know and have someone take charge while you rest. You'll need it to stay calm. Maybe you might be interested in learning on Dunstan Baby Language. It's supposed to help parents with babies below the ages of 3 months.

Sukieyakie said...

keep it up mummy... u can do it as ur are u very motherly and homely person ... and patience person and and a LOVELY mummy ... ^^

keep it up ...

themizzeve said...


Indeed motherhood is utmost challenging.. I personally feel its one of the most challenging job i've ever taken up.. Then again, i heard many tell me that it's totally rewarding. So, we'll see.. i guess..

When my lil girl went thru a stage similar to your lil darling... what i did was turned on the hairdryer.. It did calm her down when everything else didn't seem to work. Maybe you can try that out! :)

c r y s t said...

Thanks girls! (sorry for the short reply but i really do appreciate yr comments..)