Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Solid

Cayden turned 6 months old on Monday, 9th April. Can't believe my boy is half year old already. Time flies.. seriously. We brought him for vaccination (Hep.B + Pneumococcal) in the morning and my sunshine weights 9.6kg now! And he's 70cm tall! Dr. Lee mentioned he's above average, most likely having bigger build than his daddy when he grows up. My BIG man!! :)

I finally started him on cereal exactly on this 6mo birthday. I've patiently waited for this day to come! Did a lot of research and prepared new utensils for Cayden's weaning use.

I prepared his cereal mixed with some warm formula milk, put him into highchair that we got from IKEA over the weekends, put on a large plastic bib on him and got my camera ready :)

He loves his cereal and wanted for more! He even cried when I stopped feeding him and walked away, haha!

Him looking contented. Full tummy = happy baby!

Can't wait for him to try out avocado next! :)

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Hayley said...

Can tell he enjoyed his solid very much! ;)
Yea, time flies, already 6mo liao!

Anonymous said...

awww... so happy even during feeding time, he surely loves food

Anggie's Journal said...

good sign good sign, if the boy show love to food, if the boy cry and move away from u, then u b headache jor ...can slowly explore more like avocado, sweet potato, lastime i introduce EARTH BEST RICE CEREAL from organic shop too .

c r y s t said...

Ya, I'm so glad he loves his food as much as he loves his milk! I can't wait to explore more but I'm also very nervous cos I can't even fry an egg! *sigh*

TheMizzEve said...

awww..... he looks so happy!!! check out combi baby set.. i love the spoon and cutter.. really useful!!!

c r y s t said...

thanks pretty mum-to-be! seems like a lot of mummies recommend combi, MUST check out! :)