Friday, April 6, 2012

Finally rollin' :)

I used to dislike those mums who loves bragging about their kids' achievements, bla bla... but today, I'm afraid I'm turning into one. Or perhaps, I'm already one.

These 2 days, Cayden is finally rolling from back to front effortlessly, and successfully move out his hand which usually got stuck underneath.

I am a proud mum :)

Most friends would comment being a stay at home mum equals being siu lai lai. Well, you'll never know until you try it yourself I would say. It's the most hectic life ever. Exhausting. Challenging. Almost non-existence social life. Sleep deprivation.


I wouldn't change a thing for now. I'm happy watching my boy grow and witnessing each burp, smile, hiccups, whimper, and the list goes on. This little boy has made the expense of my personal interests, career and social life a good trade.

At 5mo, Cayden has got separation anxiety. Twice we left him at home at night with MIL while we catch up a movie. Both times he was being cranky all night. MIL and SIL took turn singing him lullaby, and rocked him to sleep but to no avail. His usual sleep time is 8pm. Both times he finally fell asleep around 12am, that's when he got really tired and sleepy.

Today, I left him at home while I went for a once-in-a-blue-moon facial. And he skipped his afternoon nap. SIL told me he was moody all afternoon, tried to rock him to sleep but failed. He was smiling and screaming when I returned. I put him on bed and he fell asleep immediately.

I am quite stressed out cos he only wants me. Means no more personal 'me' time. But on the other hand, I'm secretly glad that he only wants me ;)

2 more days to 6 months old!

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Hayley said...

Love all his expressions! So adorable~
He really got his mum's camwhoring expressions la! :P

Anonymous said...

your baby is perfect! So so cute! second from my son! LOL LOL. YY

TheMizzEve said...

hahha.. wait till he reaches a year old.. he'll probably have one nap a day and 'me' time becomes... err.. 'what me time? never heard of that before'... hahhaha

Anggie's Journal said...

Agreed with Hayley ... he really got your camwhoring expressions wor ... so photogenic wan ur boy :) Everytime he bough smile to me when i view his photos... heh .. thanks for sharing this :)

c r y s t said...

hayley: haha it's in the genes already i guess? i take his photo everyday since birth..

yy: own baby is always the cutest!! agree!!!

themizzeve: in fact i can't wait for the day to come!! at least he can walk by himself and dun have to be carried all the time? (err... i assume? lol!!)

anggie: reading yr comment brought a smile to me as well :) i'm glad cayden really loves smiling, but he thinks he is so adorable till i gotta attend to him every second! hmph!