Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Potato puree

I was searching high and low for avocado in Kuantan but failed and finally bought 2 when I was in KL last weekends.

I don't take avocado. In fact, I've not tasted avocado before but I have no plan to try it. But I've read that avocado is the best food to introduce to babies so I die-die also must get one for Cayden. Few days ago before feeding Cayden with cereal, I cut open one of the avocado that I bought and it's still hard. Although I have no idea how avocado should be like, every sources mentioned 'mash it' so I guess it should be soft. Not knowing what to do with the unripe one, I threw it away.

And last 2 days, I tried the other avocado. It feels a lil soft from the outside and the skin turn a lil blackish. I cut it open, part of it was already soft (I think that's how it should be?) but the other part of it was still hard. I threw the hard part away and used a fork to mash the ripe part. Tried a lil myself, yuck!! :(

Finally decided not to feed Cayden with it cos I'm still unsure if that's how it should be. The hubby finished it anyway.. LOL!

So, I worked on Plan B - Japanese sweet potato!

I love my BEABA! Really convenient and I'm glad the blending doesn't produce loud noise like the Avent.

"Mummy are you done??"

Ready to be pureed!

No picture of the puree though cos Cayden was making noise already so I forgot to snap a pic of it before he wallop everything!


Obviously, you can tell he loves it :) Even cried for more.. I'm glad my boy loves his food!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you also enjoy preparing food for him as he's so appreciative!! thumbs up to you and Cayden :)

Anggie's Journal said...

u r right, avocado really 'yuck' i don;t even know the taste till i 'die die' get for my boys :) At first the boys don't like geh, no taste mah .... so i add some pear to the avocado to make it taste better(sweet) .....or Blend Avocado and Bananas for a great meal and add the blend to baby's cereal for better taste ...

Maybe you can try some combination instead of just avocado ..:)

Oh, sweet potato is all time good meal for kiddos , even we adult also like it .

Hayley said...

Your life is gonna filled with more cooking and 'masak masak' time for Cayden already ;)

Eh, that's Cayden's personal blog on the right? I don't think so ler...

c r y s t said...

Anonymous: I do! Now scratching head dunno what to offer next..

Anggie: Thanks for the suggestions! Will try out one day.. Srsly avocado alone is really yucky.. I wonder why so many ppl likes it :(

Hayley: I hope so, but I'm not a kitchen-person.. haih.. will try my best ;) Yeah, that's Cayden's blog which I used to update on daily basis..

Anonymous said...

I think you linked wrongly for Cayden's old blog. Sure Cayden wasn't born in 2010 right?

c r y s t said...

opps! thanks for pointing that out! fixed! :)