Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Cayden,

I'm sorry mummy stopped writing in your blog. It's really difficult maintaining two blogs at the same time. I figured out I'll continue with this instead since it's been here for years before you were born.

At times, mummy felt like missing out recording a lot of your progress. You grow too fast. But time don't stop for us.

Lately you started to wake up every 3 hours for milk at night. Could it be growth spurt? It's really taking a toll on mummy. And the fact that you stopped falling asleep by yourself lately makes mummy even more drained out. You need to be rocked to sleep. Mummy wouldn't really mind but you are not a tiny baby anymore my love. You're almost hitting 10kg. Carrying you is not an easy job.

I'm sorry that I lost my temper at times. Mummy still loves you, a lot and always. I'm always trying to do my best, and to be strong. I smile, I make fun of myself, I dance, I make silly faces all the time when I'm with you - I want you to be a happy boy and when you smile, it really meant a lot to mummy.

I'm still learning to be a supermom.

With love,