Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally sprouting ;)

Cayden at 7 months 2 weeks 3 days

It deserves a big ass picture! ;)

Teething is definitely not an overnight thing. We had been expecting to see his first tooth since he was merely 3mo. He was drooling a lot and loves chewing on toys, and constantly rubbing his ear. This went on and on for a few months. Many were surprised that Cayden still wasn't having his first tooth when he reached 6mo.

Few days before I left to Aussie, my mum told me Cayden's gum looked whitish and felt a lil hard. The first tooth came out visibly when we were in Aussie. And the second one was clearly visible these 2 days!

Of course, he's faster in finishing up his teething rusk now. lol But he's still cranky and very very 'sticky'! I hope this is just a phase. When can he start sleeping through the night??

Cayden with gifts we got him from Down Under.

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