Saturday, May 26, 2012

New ride

I'm back and look who has a new ride?

Bought a walker for Cayden the other day after much consideration. I've read that walker is bad as it allows baby to move too easily, thus it might be dangerous for them (I can childproof my house!). Also, it decreases their desire to walk as the muscles used to move the walker is different from the walking muscles (?!).

Recently Cayden wants to be carried, ALL THE TIME. I guess he's more than 10kgs now, it has been almost 2 months since my last visit to the paed. He cry his heart out each time we put him in his babychair, rocker, bed, etc..

So I figured out, probably it's time to get a walker. I can at least have a minute in the toilet in peace? Been looking around and price ranges from RM60 - RM300. Initially I wanted a walker cum jumper as he really loves to jump, but it's too huge and space consuming. Thus I've settled for this basic one instead. RM159 after discount from Sweet Cherry. Quite a good bargain innit?

Not a wise choice though.. Cayden has yet to figure out how to move about using the walker and it doesn't look very interesting to play with.

He still cries whenever we put him in the walker.

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