Sunday, June 10, 2012

I thought I just gave birth yesterday

But today...

How time flies!!!!!  I have a son and my son is 8mo! And I'm still in awe...

Went for influenza jab earlier today, delayed for a month as we're back in Taiping for a long break. Cayden weights 10.4kg now and according to the paed, I should make his milk more diluted as he's gaining too much weight already. Cayden is taking 6oz FM (5 scoops powder) every 3 hours. He's still taking Enfalac A+ and I'm actually considering to switch to organic ones.. Tomorrow I'll be reducing the powder to 4 scoops instead.

Cayden is taking twice semi solid a day, I usually feed him with pureed food and vege with added cereal. Bought La Gourmet thermal cooker from Parkson last two days (promotion price 2.5L for RM99) after reading all the good feedback from Mummies Connect (mummies group in FB). Tried cooking porridge for him these two days but I think Cayden hates porridge.

He snacks a lot in between meal. He loves food. He wants to try everything we adults are eating. He can't bear to see us munching away thus I've bought lots of teething rusks, puffs, and biscuits for him. Recently having Happy Bellies Organic Yogurt Snacks (banana mango) and Happy Bellies organic Puffs (banana). He loves them a lot especially the yogurt snacks! I feed him in moderation though as it's not cheap. LOL

Cayden still smiles a lot, and no stranger anxiety. He smiles at strangers a lot and everybody loves him. Many salesgirls in shopping centers remember us. They play with Cayden a lot (or vice versa).

He naps only once during daytime these few days. I have no idea why.. probably growth spurt? Teething?? But it's really draining me out as he wants me to entertain and carry him all the time. Thank God his night time sleep pattern is improving. He hates the bed. He hates lying down to be exact. Look at the above picture. That's one single lucky shot. That's before he started to shout and cry wanting to be picked up.