Friday, July 6, 2012

Time don't wait

My boss is turning 9 months old in a few days time! I missed recording down his development lately.

It feels like he's growing and learning things really fast these days. I secretly miss the time when he used to be so tiny and helpless lying in my arms. Now he pushes and climbs here and there, screams and laughs and make funny faces.

We're both still struggling with his separation anxiety that seems like peaking this month. We're so inseparable. We're stuck together, just me and him. Cayden hugs me tightly whenever someone else wanna carry him, including the father, occasionally. He has no stranger anxiety. He just wanna stick with me. It's really sweet of him though... but sometimes it's taking a toll on me especially when I need to get the chores done. Business trip to the loo seems like mission impossible. Everyday I gotta think of something new to distract him.

Whenever we brought him out, it feels like we're going out with a celebrity. Cayden smiles at everyone. Most will come over and play with him. Sometimes he'll just stare deeply at that particular person, till that person feel uneasy and smile at him. And he'll smile and blabber back.

He's still not an expert in crawling yet. Recently bought him a playmat so he can practice crawling, but still most of the time he's slowly crawl/ move toward me and stuck with me.. :\

He still loves foods a lot. I'm still feeding him puree and occasionally porridge and baby pasta. Recently changed him to Bellamy's organic formula. He has no special preference though. Enfalac A+ is good, but his mom is bored of buying the same thing for the past 9 months. Oh well... ;)

Cayden loves his milk a lot and he never wants to let go his milk bottle each time after feeding. He'll make sure the bottle is emptied completely and he'll keep sucking and sucking. He holds the bottle so so tightly, it's quite impossible to remove it from him.

Jeans unbuttoned cos it's too tight on him. LOL!

He can understand and follow simple instruction like:

1) "Hug mummy tight!" - He'll hug me tightly each time I carry him up or down the staircase
2) "Cui cui (binky) give mummy!" - He'll spit out his binky when he wakes up from nap
3) "Kiss mummy!" - He'll give a sheepish smile and open his mouth trying to eat my lips!

We've heard him calling "Maaaaa....." a few times. Not sure if he's really calling me or just coincidence. But still not heard of  "Daaaaa....." or "Paaaaaa....." though. hehe..

After months of procrastination, we finally brought him for a dip in the pool!

Unfortunately nothing fits him anymore - swimming trunk, float and neckfloat. They're all too small on him! Luckily his Huggies swimming diapers still fits! Else he's gonna swim naked. Cayden was a lil scared at first. He held on me so so tightly and shriek! It reminds me of my pet cat, Kitty many many years back. After a while and a little splashing here and there, he started to enjoy it :) Must be more determined to bring him for swimming more often. But need to get new swimming trunk and float first.

Right after Cayden's bottom central incisors sprouted, I got him training toothbrush from Pigeon. Training must start early! :) I'm glad that the moment I handed him the toothbrush, he immediately took it and put in his mouth the correct way.

He can also pull himself from lying to sitting position and from sitting to standing position when holding to something now!

Looks like I need to childproof my house soon. I got a feeling that he might be skipping the crawling stage.

It was my birthday last Monday.

No celebration this year as we're stuck with some issue. Been traveling very very frequently.

I still enjoy every moment being a full time mummy, witnessing my boy growing. It was indeed very very tired but rewarding ;)

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I lived,
My baby you'll be"

You're a miracle.

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Hayley said...

Cayden boy, aunty miss miss you!

You miss the time when he was tiny? But I actually cant wait for my boy to grow faster, I think bigger babies are much easier to handle.. =_=

LovingLivia said...

happy belated birthday!! You're doing great and looking great!! Enjoy yah motherhood as always.

c r y s t said...

hayley: Cayden misses u too and I think he would love to meet Aden one day! When he was small, I wish he could grow faster but now I do miss the innocent him.

lovinglivia: thanks jingjing! there's still much more to learn and i'm taking one step at a time ;)