Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life simplest pleasure ;)

After almost a week of medication and 5 days of nebulizer session, Cayden is almost recovered from his cough! But his poor mummy is still coughing with phlegm now.

At 9 months old, Cayden started to crawl and is crawling like a pro already!

He blabbers so much and he also called mummy and daddy a few times! As of late, Cayden calls "Ma ma ma ma ma ma...." very frequently. Can be sure that he's actually calling me cos he doesn't call that when he's with the daddy. Well, hope it's not just coincidence though... ;)

We've also decided that we won't be having any party for Cayden's 1st birthday. Reason being Cayden is too young to know and enjoy the celebration. And it'll be tiring for him anyway. Moreover we'd prefer him to celebrate with his bunch of friends when he grows up, rather than his parents' bunch of friends. Thus we might be going for a simple holiday with him, maybe somewhere nearby, not so tiring where he can enjoy himself more ;)

As for me, still live up my days being a full time mummy, looking after Cayden and cooking for him. Cayden is taking porridge most of the time now. I added in varieties of vegetables and fish with different types of grains. Yet to introduce chicken though. Will do soon and might be introducing egg york as well. For someone who has no experience in cooking at all, although I graduated from hotel school gazillion years ago, frying an egg is considered a big task for me. I can't imagine days to come cooking for my little man. There's so much more to learn!

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Hayley said...

Glad to hear that Cayden is recovering! I love that video, he is indeed a crawling king!

As for you, rest well and speedy recovery as well ya! ^^