Monday, August 6, 2012

Taiping is so far so good :)

Cayden is turning 10 months in 3 days time!

We're both having a long vacation (sorta) back in Taiping now. I'm glad Cayden loves my parents although he doesn't see them frequently. Many even commented that Cayden looks like my dad and my dad is really happy and proud about it.

Oh btw, this little guy broke the screen of my old iPhone 3G few weeks back and I finally got iPhone 4G to replace (thanks to him!). 

I'm so outdated but seriously I love the photo quality. I keep taking picture using my iPhone now ;)

Been reading this book at the moment.

Cayden is a happy boy, but when it comes to sleep, he's horrible. He wakes up so often and most of the times he wants me to carry and rock him to sleep. I'm still in the midst of reading this book now, hopefully it'll work! Motherhood is not easy. Parenting books that I own are more than reference books I owned back in school!

Bought Cayden his first pair of shoes.

He made a big hoo-ha when we attempt to try it on him before purchasing. He's not used to wearing shoes. Bought anyway and tried on him a everyday at home. He would stare at his own feet, and refused to crawl or stand! Haha But finally yesterday we succeeded in making him wearing those shoes the entire shopping trip!

Cayden is so good at shouting "mam mam mam mam mam" lately. Each time he sees any of us holding a plate or munching away, he will scream "mam mam mam mam mam" until we stuff something in his mouth! -_-

He still loves food despite all 4 of his upper central and lateral incisors are sprouting at the same time!

I'm actually considering on baby led weaning. Offered him broiled broccoli stalk the other day. He looked very confused when I handed him the broccoli, but walloped all within seconds! LOL!!

And he's also big enough to ride on this now!!

Most seats fit him just nice. He kept bouncing once the music started to play!

Cayden loves fridge magnet a lot he can spend forever playing with them. Broke a few of my mum's precious fridge magnets already anyway.

Pic taken prior to his bath time that's why he's is naked ;)

End abruptly here cos I just realized I have chores need to be done! Well, life of a mom...

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Hayley said...

Cayden is such a big boy already! And he's getting handsome =)

Ok, share please if that book works for you, k? Aden too wants to be carried to sleep, really 'beh tahan' la!

c r y s t said...

he does grow up fast in front of my own eyes! im sure you feel the same with aden :) i'm still reading the book, need to digest.. will let u know if it works!