Thursday, October 25, 2012

A toddler in the house..

Pardon me as I was attacked by the lazy bug, and keeping myself occupied with mummyhood. My days are fully occupied entertaining my little boss who's super duper clingy! Oh, I really hope he'll outgrow this stage soon. Cayden wants nobody but me most of the time now and it gets really tiring.

In a blink of eye, Cayden is a toddler now, OMG I am a mum to a toddler!!! *hyperventilates* We spent his 1st birthday in Singapore. It was just a short 4d3n trip, mainly to bring him to Universal Studios, which ended up we adults enjoyed more. It was very hot and humid, and much smaller than expected.

Cayden is not walking, yet. He's cruising well now and able to stand independently for a few seconds, before he realized he's standing without support! Haha! He's also able to get down the bed using his legs first. Taught him to get down bed since he started to crawl since our bed is quite high. Also bought a thin queen sized mattress to prevent any accidents so both Cayden and I are sleeping on the cheapo mattress on the floor now while the hubs conquered the king sized bed all by himself :(

Cayden is taking 3 solid meals a day now. For breakfast I will usually make him oatmeal with either milk or apple juice and bits of fruits. Some days I will make him sandwiches, spread lightly with diabetic blueberry jam or butter. When I'm lazy, he'll just skip his breakfast and have his favourite nen nen ;) Usually make him porridge for lunch and dinner. Jasmine white rice, amaranth, millet, and different type of veges. Some days I'll add in an egg, some days fish. Hardly feed him with chicken and red meat, guess I'll have to do something about it. When I have more time, then I'll be cooking shell pasta for him, with vege puree as sauce, sprinkle with cheese and parsley. Bought Annabel Karmel's recipe book some time back but yet to try any of her recipes.

Cayden stopped calling mummy and daddy too. His favourite word is still "KIA!!" and he can say "chew chew chew" too, since I always repeat the word chew when I'm feeding him. My brother is lucky, cos Cayden can pronounce the word "chew chew" (means uncle in Mandarin) very well. Perhaps I should start repeating the word "mi mi mi miiiii" more often.

Cayden weights 11.5kg, height 76cm and head circumference is 48.5cm. Obviously overweight and paed also commented he has big head! Haha! Advised us to feed him with fruits more and lesser milk. Sorry boy, but you gotta go on diet already at 1yo! LOL..

Cayden understands us quite well and able to follow simple instructions. He understands both English and Mandarin (hubby speaks to him in Mandarin and myself in English) and recently we discovered he can understand a little Cantonese as well! Both hubby and I converse in Cantonese. Super proud of my boy!

Will upload a few short videos when time allows. Resuming my duty!

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