Monday, February 11, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Been blog-hopping and it's indeed quite funny that most married women posted the same - hubby house no cny mood, can't wait to be back home. Haha!

It's my third CNY here in Kuantan, sorta used to it, somehow.

I have a big family but not much relatives. What I'm looking forward most every CNY is reunion and spending time with family members. During school time, many friends commented my family is my top priority cos I would rather spend time at home doing nothing just to be with my family than gathering session with friends. I wouldn't deny that.

On the first day of CNY, my mum would cook us mee shua with hard-boiled egg early in the morning. It's the tradition since I-dunno-when..since I have memory. We will all wake up early for breakfast in our pyjamas. Then we will spend time together watching CNY show on TV, munching on cookies while my mum ready for lunch. We will have lunch together and then go to my grandma's house/ temple, then spend whole day together around town/ watching movie at home.

Second day of CNY is usually the noisiest day cos both my elder sis and family will be back and my house will be full of kids running and shouting everywhere. My home will be in chaos. Very messy, but a happy mess.

As for my hubby side, he has a small family but a lot of relatives. My MIL will prepare a pot of vegetarian fried meehoon and everyone will take their breakfast/ brunch separately. We will gather in his uncle house by noon time for a short reunion and the rest of the day, everyone will have the individual activities. My hubby of cos will spend his day reunion with his friends and since my little boss need his afternoon nap, I will spend the entire afternoon at home alone with him. And since he sleeps early at night too, I will spend my evening at home with him too. So the first day of CNY here is like... haha... home alone??

Can't wait to be back Taiping tomorrow. I'm so looking forward spending quality time with my family!

Here's wishing all a very Happy Chinese New Year!! HUAT AHH!!

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