Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY Edition ;)

Super gung-hu wanna blog last night but ended up with online shopping...

Just a blink of eye, CNY is almost over. Maybe age is catching up, CNY feels so normal as compared to previous days. Anyway, Cayden sorta celebrated his first CNY this year. Last year unfortunately, he was down with Influenza B thus was hospitalized throughout the first few days of CNY together with the daddy, who was infected with Influenza A -_-" So yeah, three of us celebrated our CNY in hospital last year.. *duh!* Kena quarantine somemore.. T_T

Went for hubby's side visiting on the first day. Cayden was so into WII and joined the other korkor's dancing in the end. In the afternoon, went over to his friend's CNY open house. It was way past Cayden's nap time thus he was getting really cranky already. Left home shortly.

The next day was the day I looked forward the most! Balik kampung!!

Left Kuantan after early lunch and just in time for dinner by the time we reached Taiping.

Home is where the heart is!!! It was a crazy night with 9 kids running about! When my mom put on the Gangnam Style video, kids were totally out of control.

Took a lot of photos the next day! I was upset as I wasn't included in family pic last year.. :(

My family is really expanding. This is the first complete happy family snapshot!

My lovely parents with their 8 grandchildren. Yeah, only ONE granddaughter ;)

Had Lion Dance at our place after that.

I was so worried that Cayden might be afraid of the lion dance and the load noise. Tempted to get him earplug at first but after much consideration, decided to make him to 'like it'. I showed him lion dance videos on youtube and turned on the volume to maximum. He was watching daily for about 1-2 weeks. When the day comes, I was still worried, but guess what, he liked it! He was dancing to the rhythm and even clapped when we lighted up the firecracker! LOL

Back Kuantan on Chor 5 after lunch. Cayden really had heaps of fun playing with his cousins. ;)

No more CNY feel after that as everyone resumed their normal routines already.

Pai Ti Kong on the 9th day of CNY at the hubby's place.

End abruptly. Resuming duty.. haha What a great excuse!

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