Monday, August 19, 2013

Cui cui no more!

Less than 2 more months till his second birthday!

My little boy is growing up too fast. He's becoming more and more cheeky these days. Talk a lot too in longer sentence. Loves making fun of his poor mother and yes, he's super sticky to me. The hubby commented each time we sleep, Cayden will make sure part of him is touching me. Each time I moved, he'll roll and move nearer to me. Haha!

He can also recite complete "Rain rain go away" rhyme at 22 months old.

"Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Cayden wants to play!"

He is also getting more and more cheeky that he loves calling his daddy "am mo tan" (as in rambutan in Hokkien). How the poor daddy get his nick? Blame his own name - Ivan Tan. When asked Cayden what is his daddy's name, he'll go "IVAN TAN!" But his pronunciation wasn't that clear when he was younger thus we were saying it sounded like "am mo tan". And he loves teasing his daddy with this nick ever since.

Brought Cayden to the cinema too! When he first stepped his feet into the cinema, he was stunned for quite a while, stared at the big screen quietly for almost an hour until I offered him some champagne grapes.

Watched Despicable Me and second movie was Smurf 2. He loves Smurf and managed to watch till the end. There was a scene where the Smurfs were crying and Cayden suddenly gave a comment that amazed us - "So sad!" he said.

I personally think Cayden is quite matured for his age. Sometimes he's so obedient that it's kinda unbelievable. Like earlier today, he was happily kicking ball with his dad and I was shouting from room upstairs asking him to get up for shower. The daddy told him him to make a last kick and go to mummy. He did his last kick, said goodbye to the ball and proceeded upstairs without further negotiation.

We had been traveling quite frequently these week. Both to KL and Melaka. Was in Melaka last few days and this funny scenario happened. I passed Cayden some rubbish upon checking into the hotel room.

Me: Can you help mommy to throw these into the dustbin?
C: OK!
Me: Do you know where the dustbin in?
C: I know..

Much to my surprise, Cayden turned around and started shouting... "DUSTBIN... WHERE ARE YOU???" Laugh die me. lol

Also, another BIG achievement to brag about!



More like he weaned himself off the pacifier, haha! He got more addicted to his pacifier as days passed and I told myself that I MUST wean him off the pacifier by age 2.

Last few days after getting up from his noon nap, he was playing with his pacifier. He told me he's throwing it under his cot and I told him NO, sternly. He ignored and threw his pacifier in and *POOF!* It's gone! What happened was the pacifier bounced quite far away when he threw and it was out of sight. He was so proud of himself and exclaimed "Cayden MAGICCCCCC, NO MORE!"

So yeah, I'll just let it be. Cayden magic, no more! *evil grin* ;)

He did ask about it each day before he goes to bed and I'll remind him about his magic. He tried to magic it out but failed. Lol He told me a few times he magic it into his tummy and I told him to keep in his tummy forever. It has been about 4-5 days now he's off the binky and he's doing fine. So that's the end of his pacifier journey. I'm so so proud of him and myself :)

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Nat said...

Hi...nat fr sabah..full time mum with 2girls age 10 n 9 n a boy going to 21 mths old.

Miss Lime said...

Hahahahaha! Ok, parents can learn from this. I laughed reading the magic part. =D