Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today he is 21 months old

When do people start saying 1 year and 9 months instead? Nevertheless, 3 more months till his second birthday! omg I'm getting all emo already! I was browsing through my old blog archives last night and it seemed like just not ago I was blogging about leaving my job, getting married and relocate to Kuantan, getting preggie, giving birth and WHOA! He's almost hitting big TWO!

Can't believe I actually made it through.. haha Old friends still couldn't imagine how motherly I can be. Being a full time mama, taking care and providing 24/7 tip-top service to my little precious. Watch him grow daily, witnessing each and every milestone, I wouldn't trade anything else for the life I'm leading now. He still amused me daily with how much he knows, his funny faces and antics and recently he has been talking like a pro.

Some amusing conversation:

Fed Cayden with a piece of chicken and he swallowed in seconds.
Me: Hey! That's fast! Did u chew??
Cayden: ..... Forgot!

Was dressing him up in his pyjamas.
Me: Look at your shirt. "I love mommy!"
Cayden: "I love daddy" where?

He was walking one morning and suddenly lost his balance and fell.
Cayden: hehe.. MABUK!

Was questioning Cayden about ABC.
Me: A for .....
Cayden: Apple!
Me: B for ....
Cayden: Ball!
.... all the way till I...
Me: I for ....
Cayden: IVAN TAN! (the hubby)

Not sure if I mentioned here before, but Cayden is self-feeding completely around 19 months old.

He still loves his food a lot. This morning I brought him for lunch in a cafe and he was happily helping himself with sandwiches filled with chicken, tomato slices and raw lettuce. A lady next table was staring in awe and kept questioning what did I do to make him eat his greens and feed himself so well. LOL. He never fails to surprise strangers and make his mama proud each time he dines outside.

Cayden also loves sharing. I've tried observing many times when he's with other kids. He does not hesitate to share his toys although I've never really invite other kids to his playroom before. Those who know me well should be aware that I'm a girl with many imaginary friends since young ;) Everything can talk, including remote control. I make him practice sharing with all his fury friends. Not sure if it contributes to his behavior though.

As of now, Cayden speaks most words in English, except 'bu yao' and 'mei you'. He understands Mandarin though. I'm not sure if it's good or bad as people around are speaking to him mostly in Mandarin and sometimes when he replies in English, they couldn't understand him. Even my MIL is speaking quite a lot of English with him now, haha.

Still wearing XL-sized Mamypoko diaper pants during the day and tape type during the night. Yet to start potty training cos I'm lazy like that. Well, some said when the kid is ready, they'll do it somehow. Cayden is still unpredictable, waking up once for midnight feed sometimes. He's taking about 2 hours nap in the afternoon. I usually put him to bed at night around 930pm and by 10pm he's usually asleep.

Cayden is getting pretty sensitive with the camera nowadays. When he notice I'm trying to take his photo, he'll just naturally give me his signature smile.

Also, I'm considering to enrol him for playschool soon, mainly for him to mix around with other kids. I wonder who's the one with separation anxiety when the time comes. Me or him?

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Miss Lime said...

That is just so cute! Now the Big 2 is just for 2 years old. Imagine when the Big 2 becomes 20. =) Kudos for being an awesome mother!

Jean said...

You're an inspiration to many others. Keep up being an awesome mom and blog wonderful moments of Cayden ya!