Thursday, November 7, 2013

Short updates

Can't believe 2 more days till Cayden turn 25 months. I have plenty of photos from his recent birthday trip to Disneyland HK, need to find time to update. Anyway, we're currently back in Taiping now, need to rejuvenate. Haha!

Just a quick update about C.

C weights 15kg and 89cm tall.

C is able to talk in a long sentence now. He never fail to amuse me everyday. C loves singing so much that each time he sees something, he'll relate it to a song and sing it out loud. Eg: Butterfly - Fly, fly, fly, a butterfly. Rain - Rain, rain go away! Elephant - Elephant, elephant, why is your nose so long? He can sing so many songs now, I lost count. He can even memorize certain script from the short story he watch from my iPad and his Barney DVD.

Some amusing conversation:

His cousin brother was putting his legs up on a chair.
C: I want to sit. Can you put down your legs?

I was making up the bed and threw his toy cat aside.
C: Why you throw my cat??

C: Mommy stupid.
Me: Cannot say stupid! That's very rude!
C: Daddy said mommy stupid!

He was trying to put on his shoes and the back strap of his Crocs got stucked under his legs.
C: Mommy help! Not comfortable!

We were playing blocks together and as I was building up a castle halfway, C swept them on purpose and destroyed everything. I showed my angry face.
C: Mommy play with me! Don't be angry! No more next time, be a good boy ok!


Argh! Growing up too fast! Blogging these made me emo already..

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