Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Errrr... hie 2014

OMG Can't believe I've abandoned my blog for so long! Blame Dayre! It's not like I'm updating very frequently there but I guess it's much more frequent than this blog.. Follow me @beingcryst

Anyway, my little cheeky boy is exactly 2 and a half year old today! He has grown so much since the last time I updated. He talks like an adult, he's in the "WHY" stage, he sings all day and he has his mood swings most of the time. I'm still enjoying very much every moment spent with him.

Also, he has attended school for a few months already. He's loving school and made some new friends. I'd say he does take time to warm up to strangers unlike younger days. He can be really chatty at home but totally shut himself when he's in the company of new faces. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes he warm up pretty fast and talks a lot.

ALSO... another update for my blog, I'm currently 5 months pregnant.

Yes, Cayden is gonna upgrade his status to a big bro soon, I do hope he can be a real good bro who loves his sister. And yes, it's a girl I'm expecting this time. I hope gynae won't tell me he make a mistake when I go for my next check up.. lol

I'm currently back in my hometown. Cayden will be under care of my mom this coming weekend as the hub and I are going for a short vacation to Phuket. I don't know how are we gonna cope as it's been quite some time since I last away from my boy for more than a day. We took him with us for previous trips to Bali, HK and BKK.

Will update soon, fingers crossed.

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LovingLivia said...

Good Job !!! me and you about the same time we feel guilty about not updating our blog.. Yes; ABANDON is a good choice of word.

Hahah.. KEEP IT UP mommy!!

congrats again on your pregnancy no 2!!

LovingLivia said...

Our title is almost the same too..

HI 2014!!! hehehe. HI 5 to you !!!

c r y s t said...

Thanks hot mama! And yes, we're such a lousy blogger! haha!