Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Second time a mother...

.... and still BEING CRYST!

I'm currently 28weeks pregnant with my second child. Oh I'm such a lousy blogger and lousy mom. I didn't even have a proper blog post on my pregnancy this time. How can I explain to my daughter in future then??

I gotta admit, time passes so so so much faster with a busy toddler to look after. I have so little time for myself and to 'manage' my pregnancy. This time, I didn't:

1) Keep a journal on my pregnancy
2) Keep a record on baby and my own weight gain
3) Talk much to baby in my tummy

I also shop lesser as I already have all the necessary items.

But one thing for sure, I read up more on breastfeeding and so determined to breastfeed this time. I also hope to share the goodness of breast milk with korkor Cayden. This is one thing I regret the most - not breastfeeding long enough last time.

Oh, did I also mention before that I'm expecting a GIRL??? I'm so excited to be able to shop for girls stuff, like finally! And I have a pair now, I think I can close shop already, hahaha...

I've gained 10kg so far and many commented I looked 'bigger' as compared to previous pregnancy. Yes, I tend to junk a lot too. I hope my sugar level is still under control. Besides that, I get tired easily even during the early days. Breathless most of the time. It didn't help that I have to look and entertain Cayden all the time, and sometimes he still needs to be carried. And he's 16.4kg now.

Cayden is coping well with my pregnancy too. He loves his lil meimei a lot. He says 'hie!' to baby all the time and give my tummy a kiss from time to time. When I fetched him back from school, he'll also say 'hie!' to meimei the moment he gets up the car. I do hope in reality, when the meimei finally arrives, there won't be any jealousy between them and they will be able to bond easily.

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Hayley said...

Envious la, one pair already, can consider close shop :p

Yea, from your photos, your bump is much bigger compared to the first pregnancy.. But your face and limbs are all still look fine!

Enjoy your journey, can't wait to see your baby girl! Got a name for her already?

LovingLivia said...

Congrats !! Fab pics by the way.. Beautiful tummy ...

Again, don't pressure yourself so much - totally a lot of mummy out there kinda lose the momentum to keep the journals and important datas when more lil ones come .. I'm just as guilty too..

All the best !