Monday, December 21, 2009

My guardian angel

Imagine all you left in your wallet was only 10 cents, handphone battery almost flat and you're travelling in bus, alone.

How will you feel?

That was exactly what happened to me yesterday. Insecure, lost and scared.

I stepped up the bus to KL (from Kuantan) yesterday afternoon. Waived goodbye to the boy and he left. I watched him going further and further and no more in sight. Shortly, the bus left the terminal and I called the boy, happily telling him how much I enjoy my VIP seats (he bought 2 tickets for me). And later in less than 5 minutes, I almost died when I remembered I had only 10 cents left in my wallet.

10 cents.

I was supposed to withdraw some money before I leave but I forgot. For sure I don't need money throughout the journey. BUT, for god's sake I parked my car in hotel's carpark and I need money to get out!!! And I don't even have RM5 with me and what am I supposed to do???

Called up the boy and he was also in shock. He asked me my whereabout and I didn't even know where I was at that moment. All I saw was rows of old wooden houses by the roadside and some.. trees.. wtf. I told him, I'll think of a way.. yeah, there's surely a way to deal with this, I told myself. I'm an adult right?

But deep down, I was damn lost and can't think of anything...

It crossed my mind to either:

a) go to my car and get that touch n go card, take lrt to somewhere with atm machine;
b) try my luck digging for some loose coins in my car;
c) hopefully the bus driver will stop for a rest at petrol station with atm machine;
d) maybe sell some of my belongings to the hotel receptionist?? fml.

Minutes later, the boy called again, asking for my location and I have no idea. He said he's on the way to the tol but reluctantly, I told him to go back. I almost gave up. Whatever will be, will be.. At that moment, my battery went flat. fml x2.

And thank goodness, the boy pass me his spare handphone with 2 bars of battery before I left. For emergency, he said. Yeah, so it was really emergency. I changed my sim card to the other handphone and called him again, asking him to go back. And guess what? He told me he's already behind the bus!!!

I told the bus driver to stopby the side. I told him I need to get something from the car at the back.

driver: Wahhh... kereta hitam blakang tu kerr???
me: Ya..
driver: lupa bawak ape?
me: uhm.. uhm.. dokumen....
driver: oh..

*sweat* How am I gonna tell him "i lupa bawak duit???"

The bus stopped and the driver told me to get the boy to pass to me through the driver's seat window. I was like, "ahhh... takpe la.. bukak pintu jer la.." "Sini senang sikit.." he said, and proceeded to show hand signal to the boy..

The boy walked to the door next to the driver's seat and passed me some money RIGHT IN FRONT OF the driver. And the driver was like " hahaha!!!"

I smiled at him sheepishly and walked back to my seat.

I held the money tight in my hand and I felt so secure... and loved ;)

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have someone like him. *sweet*
faster faster marry him, and you both will not be apart kuantan - KL anymore :)

stay happiness :D

-Ming Wei-

Hayley said...

So funny la u...
but thank god u are all fine after that ;))

SamsonKim said...

sweet*Sweet* Dear =)
Wish both of U Happy Together till The End... =)

Anonymous said...

He is more than a Guardian angel. He is a HERO..of course I am here lar..been following your blog since I heard it from Carment..hehe..It's good to see that you are re-gaining your momentum..cheers

c r y s t said...

ming wei: Ahaha, I know I'm lucky.. (he is too you know! :P)

hayley: *sigh* I think I really champion la..

samsonkim: Thanks girl, you have a happy ever after too! :P

ipohahboy: Aww.. I've been a loyal reader of yours too.. love your writings, simple and straight forward ;) Merry Christmas!