Friday, February 5, 2010

Dilemma sial...

Am considering to get a netbook and was torn in between:

1) ACER AO532

Intel Atom N450, Windows 7 Starter, 250GB harddrive..
The colour is still acceptable, but I changed my mind after I saw the HP Mini the other day (item 2)..

Oh btw, the best of all, I get staff price!! wtf

2) HP Mini 110
Intel Atom N280, Windows XP Home and 160GB harddrive..
so that's basically lower specs than Acer's.. but it's so PRETTYYYYYY~!!!!! And it's only like RM100 more expensive than Acer's..

I called up HP earlier this morning and they mentioned the above model has been phased out and replaced by Mini 210, should be similiar specs with Acer's.. but it's so ugly... :(

Not really ugly, but simiar with Acer's red.. might as well I get Acer since I can get staff price right?

So which will you choose?? Beauty or brain??

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Hayley said...

I'll get the first one. who knows few years later i might get another newer and prettier one? lol..
no la actually, to me, i'll focus more on the function and specs..
but i think you already had a decision in your mind ;)

charles said...

What about beauty AND brain? Then again, my Acer laptop still good and like you said, STAFF price..