Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Vision

Hi I'm back.. been caught up with work, and some personal stuff and hardly have the time to sit back and blog (ok, pet society aside).

Anyway, we just signed up for our pre-wedding photoshoot during the bridal fair in MidValley last weekend. After researching for so long, comparing here and there, we finally signed up with Love Vision (under Touch Group).

In fact, I'm not quite sure if it's a wise decision as I've not check out their wedding gown and stuff. Not sure if the photographer and make-up artist can deliver what I want. Not sure if my package worth the price, but after hard negotiation like aunty in pasar malam, these are what I got:

* 1 big album 12"x18" - 20 pages (40 poses + 10 mv)
* 1 small album 8"x11" - 20 pages (20 different poses full page)
* chimuis photos 4R 80 copies 8 poses
* 2 parents photos 12"x18" with frame + tex
* 1 bed photo 30"x45" with frame + tex
* CDR return softcopy 100 poses
* DVD 60 poses, 2 songs
* photoshoot - 3 wedding gown, 3 dinner gown, 2 traditional costume
* actual day - 1 wedding gown, 2 dinner gown (including 1 from designer range)
* flower bouquet (1 fresh flower, 1 artificial flower)
* car decoration
* make-up, hairstyling and accessories
* unlimited choice for groom
RM 3,288

Besides I also get to choose photographer of my choice as I booked him for my actual day shoot as well. Fingers crossed.

Any suggestion of nice hairstyle and gown???

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Hayley said...

Wow, so when are you going to shoot the photos? i m sure you'll be a pretty bride ;)
the original package price is reasonable, i'm sure you'll add this add that later on, just like me :S

try google for hairstyles, i too get the ideas from researching online ;)

charles said...

Price is reasonable. At least you get DVD and we didn't. Congrats and just be prepared to "smile" the whole day..hehe

c r y s t said...

Hayley: Photoshoot will be on 25-26th May. And I'm excited already. :D The SA told me to google for the wedding dress and show her and she'll try to source for me from their other outlet. Any nice site to recommend babe?

charles: HAHA that DVD is after hard nego with them, they only offered 30 pics + 1 song at first and I 'fan min' :P Anyway, thank youuuu and I WILL! :D

Anggie's Journal said...

Nowaday with this price really can get alot not like our time ....
excited lei ??? hahaha .. start prepared ... cant wait to see ur pretty photos ")

c r y s t said...

anggie: Many ppl said my package quite reasonable, the SA and photographer very friendly too ;) Hope everything will turn out beyond my expectation ;)

charles said...

Hey Cryst,

they are friendly when they want your money in their pocket.I screamed at the lady boss when they cant deliver their promise. Lady boss spoke to me in Mandarin (she's a taiwanese, btw) and I shouted I dont speak Mandarin.Carment was so proud of Ah Boy!anyway I got what i wanted..hehehe