Sunday, February 7, 2010

CNY mood yet?

The SA from the Love Vision asked me to google for wedding gown design that I liked and she'll try to get a similiar one for me. Been spending the whole week browsing through every sites I manage to find. In fact, I've found quite a number of wedding gown that caught my attention but not dinner gown :(

Where to find nice dinner gown picturesssss??

Oh, by the way, I'm so in love with this..

Simple I know but I think it's so me ;) I love the delicate sheer straps and that little ruched at the waistline..

Anyway, spent whole day yesterday doing my last (hopefully) CNY shopping for this year. And today, I decided to stay in to do some chores. Since kakak left, I guess my closet getting emptier and all my clothes piling up in the basket next to the iron board :( I hate ironing.
Ignore my bare face. I drove to the nearest Starbucks to get my daily dose of caffeine and spent almost 30 minutes looking for parking wtf. I should just make my 3-in-1 HeiHwang coffee at home :(

Online, ironing, tidies up my room, pack my luggage for CNY.. that's basically what I did the whole day today. I told the boy how impressive my day was and he told me what seemed special to me is actually something very normal to others wtf :( Hey, I stayed at home whole day OK! That's something rare!

Oh by the way, that's my CNY buys.. fml.

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Hayley said...

I love that dress too!! sometimes simple can be pretty too ;)
as for my gowns, i dint google for any. i just go there and chose whatever they offer. luckily, they have what i like ;)

Anggie's Journal said...

ur CNY buy is really alot ... can wear until "chor kei " ??? hahhaha .. good la ...
U hv a great taste, this was very nice gown :P

charles said...

Less is more?

SamsonKim said...

Dear cryst~
nice gown! Simple is nice =)
Haven say congrates to u ya...
hughug @}----

Cheers coffee lover, StarBucks coffee is nice!

Loves, Wish u Happy And Healthy always!

Esther said...

Omg... That's a lot of cny clothes... *still in shocking mood*

c r y s t said...

hayley: yaya, i like sth simple, and the other day when i signed up the SA commented i so SIMPLE! haha!

anggie: lol.. i think till 15th of CNY? nola, actually all the tops and bottoms doesn't match :(

charles: agree!

samsonkim: thank u lovee ;) psst! i buy starbucks coz i get 2bucks off using their tumbler! LOL

esther: *shocking mode off* i know.. but haha too late to regret over it.. depression!