Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To and fro

Im currently back in KL -_-" Was in Kuantan over the weekends and will be back Taiping on Wednesday. My friend just commented the other day, asking what kind of gadget she'll need to locate me -____-"

Anyway, we've confirmed on having our wedding dinner in Boulevard Hotel!! :D BOOOO!!! to those that didn't believe :P Why Boulevard, simple, cos my mighty ex-collegemate cum ex-Nikkolite Cecilia is working there and it'll be so much easier for me to deal with her and can be assured everything will run smoothly as planned.

And now, I have to watch my weight for my pre-wedding photoshoot end of this month. Before you conclude that I'm being exxagerating and start commenting that I should put on more weight etc, let me tell you that almost ALL my wedding gowns are figure hugging and I can't afford to add even half an inch ok!! T__T FML Why was I being so confident that I'll stay in shape for a year?? And now I have to torture myself already T__T

I'm deciding whether to get real manicure or to buy acrylic nails from the bridal house. Saw a nice set from the bridal house the other day and it cost RM180. Sounds tad pricey but after some calculation, it's worth investing as I can use it again for both my dinners and wedding day as well. Compare to those real manicure, probably I'll have to do it a few times and it'll cost much more, as I'm planning to get very blingkified ones. But will the acrylic ones look fake?? I've never use it before.. Suggestion ppl?

Black sailor outfit as mentioned in earlier post:

Sailor inspired top I got from Bangsar and F21 striped panel skirt. Love the top to the max ;) In case you're zooming your eyes trying to figure out what accessories I'm wearing, I'm actually wearing the same yatch necklace, and same beaded bracelets as previous post.

It's 1am now but I've had too much sleep today. What shall I do next?

*sigh* Life as an unemployed...

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Hayley said...

Actually, i wonder what makes you resign? :P

and if you ask me, i'd prefer real manicure as it last longer and look more natural... you can do a 3D manicure and still blingkify it...

so you're not holding any wedding reception in Tpg?

charles said...

go for acrylic ones..nowadays doesnt look fake :p..btw..with the sailor inspired top and a "peace" hand sign..you will transform as Sailor Moon..:p

Anonymous said...

it depends loh, for me i can't last my manicure maybe i'm rough, the shooting day and wedding day i have to separately do the manicure and tht cost me ard RM300+...But i know some gal can realy jaga her manicure in good shape, if you are one of them then real one better cos more natural..if you take arylic, must cut and fit the size of your nails perfectly else it look like owl's nail muahahha ;p but i admit la nowdays arylic veli nice lioa la...sui sui..

eggster said...

hey babe, my previous lady bos' from taiwan and she supplies her products to some of the bridal houses too :)

this is her website: http://artnails.com.my/

these nails are re-usable! but i don think she has been updating her site with new designs lately. i've tried em before and it's good! let me know if you need help! :D

kiM said...

yer..envy ur life!! bride-to-be, unemploy, sleep late! that's the life i want!! nic3 outfit and hair color!! :D

c r y s t said...

hayley: hRm, just for a rest? LOL more time in tpg and to prepare for my wedding too, i guess :P and oh, no more! :D confirm on KL already!! :D

charles: oh i should do the piece hand sign next time! thanks for your suggestion :P :P

kelly: i'm settling for acrylic ones already cos u scared me with the amount -__-" LOL anyway, i think acrylic ones cheaper and anyway, it looks nice. hopefully will look good when i put it on :)

eggster: thanks dear, but i got those nails fr the bridal hse already! cos they said they wont help me to stick if i get it myself wtf so lansi :(

kim: thank you dear!! LOL being unemployed and sleeping late it's only temporary! okla, i gotta admit im enjoying every bit of it also la.. LOL