Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink hair anyone??

When I updated my status in FB the other day, many were surprised and even trusted me that I coloured my hair PINK!


Do I look that daring to you?

Anyway, I just wanted to add a pop to colour to my dull dark brown hair..

(I know I looked weird in this pic but trust me I don't look like that all the time!)

I don't wanna have boring dark brown hair for my photoshoot!

Yunny highly recommended the salon she went to, Japanese stylist, she said. So last two days I gave it a try and went to Eiji Salon near Mid Valley, for a transformation..

I told my stylist, Yoshi san, that I wanted lighter coloured hair. He later brought 2 Japanese magazines with lots of Vivi looking kawaii Jappy girls and started flipping and went... "ano.. ano..~"

"Maybe.. pink brown!"

"PINK??!!!!!" I was shocked.

"No!! Not this pink.." (pointing to a pink chair in the magazine) "Brown, but with a little pink tone.. suits you!"

(wipes sweat) "OK. I trust you!"

I forced a smile, still confused with the term brown with PINK tone. But I trusted him. Cos he's JAPANESE WTF.




I sent an MMS to the boy telling him I'm gonna dye my hair PINK and guess what, he replied "Green la.. better" :(

In the end, I was very satisfied with the PINK hair I've got ;)
I was expecting more pink in fact. Can you believe this is the lightest shade I've had after all these years of non-virgin hair??

Full length shot, cos it's been a while since I last did this.. Red sailor dress I got from Zara the day before. Damn love it ;) And I dressed up as black sailor today.. picture up next post ;)

With the rate my hair is growing, I seriously can't imagine how long it'll be when the big day comes.. Clearer picture under sunlight.
What say you?

Pink? or no?

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charles lim said...

PINK it is, Cryst. You look good do have a point there..esp when going for the photoshoot..stick with "fun hung"

Hayley said...

Erm, doesnt really look that pink to me =_=
but trust me, you look good in it, as always. hehe.
they say a soon bride-to-be looks the prettiest, and its true! :D

Anonymous said...

yes yes looking great! looking fresh and u look even fairer with pink hair...Yes support Hayley, you look so shining, soon bride-to-be...i like ur sailor necklace!

Anonymous said...

btw the zara dress look great!! below RM200 mou?

Anggie's Journal said...

nice wor .... and u look pretty in that red & white dress :P

c r y s t said...

charles: terima kasih encik :D guess what, the bf saw me and said he wanna go colour his hair too -_-

hayley: HAHA omg im flattered zor!! *shy away* thank u... *^_^*

kelly: thanks dear ;) ya, i think i look fresher too, shall get ore pink next time :P and oh btw, it's less than RM100! :P go buy! boy blue, red, white, black, red stripes and blue stripes...

anggie: thank u!!! *hugs* ;)

Anonymous said...

u just dye your hair mah, i think after expose to sun more, ur clr wil fated a bit and bcum more lighter pink...
wah such a good deal, u buy from which brand? MV? but am not confidence can wear as nice as u loh..(song boh? hehe)

Anonymous said...

ops forgot put my name in my previous me kelly..btw typo error, u buy from which branch? (not brand as u mentioned is zara lioa) MV?