Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hi all,

Sorry for the dissapearance. I've decided to close my blog from public viewing starting tomorrow till when I feel like it wtf. Not for fun, but I have my personal reason. Leave down your email if you wish to continue reading or add me in FB

Bear in mind that I only add person I knw. Sorry, hope you understand :(


4 loves:

Hayley said...

Okay, I'll support you.. (but make sure you let me access :P)
btw, mailed ya~

Anonymous said...

is good too, not good to reveal so many personal info when u don't know who else is reading..if u don't mind add me ya..(kelly)

Anonymous said...

btw my email

sukieyakie said...

Okie... I agree with u ... (Let me know if you allow me to continued to access ur blog)