Thursday, August 5, 2010

HELP!! I'm turning into a BRIDEZILLA!!!

Hello familiar faces!!!

Once again I'm back into my shell. Basically the reason I'm closing this blog is simply because I'm trying to avoid another bridezilla, who's basically a friend of a friend, who's sorta psycho, selfish and stuckup and whom I know is stalking on me, but trying her best to keep her wedding a mystery.. as if I'm so interested to know-lah! It's actually a long story but I just don't wanna waste so much time talking about a random psycho stranger.

OK, what I've been up to.

Was back in KL for almost 2 weeks now and got most of my essential needs for dowry.

I've been looking everywhere for a more unique teaset but almost everywhere is selling the similiar thing so I settled for this instead. It cost RM 78 from Weaver House in Petaling Street. Also bought a wooden comb and sewing kit there. The traditional red guestbook will be used for my dinner in Kuantan. Got it from Nam Hong Import & Export, not far from Weaver House, for like RM 39.90 I think. Bought the letter 'Hei' in different sizes for decoration as well. In fact I've bought too many 'Hei', not sure how many that I should be sticking, but since it's kinda cheap I better buy first and think later. Not like I go Petaling Street often anyway.

The red umbrealla I got from a shop opposite Kelana Jaya LRT Station. It's those shop selling those China imported goodies, recommended by a friend. It's kinda cheap, RM 19.90. I like the ruffles at the side and those embroidered duckies.. I thought of getting a full laced umbrella at first, but where to find la unless I DIY :(

Got those 2 battery operated traditional side table lamps from Living Cabin in MidV. Believe it or not, it cost only RM4.90 each!! That's a steal man!!! I prefer these kinda vintage looking lamp as compared to those modern looking type. But not sure how long the batteries gonna last? I heard I gotta leave those lights on for at least 2 days...

Also, after searching high and low for a suitable bed linens, finally found a blooooody red one in Isetan KLCC. No picture of it cos it's still nicely wrapped up. RM 422 after discount, enough to make me eat grass for the rest of my week. Actual price was RM 1290. Seriously I didn't know bed linen cost so much, I've never bought one in my life :( Been considering few different brands and designs - red or beige, plain or textured, and cheap or expensive wtf.

Anyway, went to Boulevard on Monday to discuss on the details with Cecilia. She had been promoted to Sales Manager now, which means she has got more power to decide, I'm assuming?? ;)

This will be my wedding venue.

Since they already have existing red hanging lamps, I've decided to have red and white as my theme colour. Not much can be decorated at the venue as you can see. Probably I'll just try to play with flower petals and candles instead.

My mum decided to make herself a flower girl dress for my niece! We got 2 metres of ivory satin fabric from Kamdar at RM5. Can you imagine those shopping complexes selling flower girl dresses for above RM100!!!

Almost done. Will be adding another layer of chiffon at the lower part and some petals at the waist part. ;) Pics up when it's done!

And guess what. I've finally decided to tailor-made my own dinner gown for KL dinner. I went around asking for gown rental and most of the bridal house charge RM 350 to RM 700 for gowns that don't look new at all! I didn't want to repeat my outfit for both KL and Kuantan dinner. Spotted an awesome glitzy gown from Eclipse by Sonny San, but it cost RM600 plus and they left with only M size and I gotta send it for alteration, that doesn't promise me a nice cut :(

So yesterday morning I went all the way to Times Square to check out for Red Lantern, a tailor that many brides were blabering about from an online bridal forum. And they gonna charge me RM1500 for made to measure (MTM) gown. After much negotiation, the lowest they could go was RM1200, with slightly cheaper kinda fabric. I almost settled for a ready made red gown that was available there. Slight alteration will be given FOC, it's a gorgeous red chiffon gown with crystal beads on straps and neckline. Price was RM800. I almost pay the deposit but finally decided to reconsider.

And guess what?!! Why was I driving all the way from Subang to KL area and everywhere like an insane when the best available tailor was just located at the place that I used to be so familiar with - Endah Parade in Sri Petaling!!

Thank God I decided to dropby to check it out before I settle on the red gown from Red Lantern. The lady in Karen Collection, located on the 2nd floor of Endah Parade is specialised in MTM bridal gown and she used to accept orders from bridal house! And the best part was, she's only charging RM450 for my evening gown!!! ;)

This is the design I wanted. Same design but I want it in sizzling red for my red theme ;) Can't wait for the outcome! Scheduled for fitting by 9th of Sept!!

I'm excited already ;)

Do expect the upcoming posts are all about my wedding preparation. Sorry to bore you guys but I can only blog about this once in a lifetime so bear with me wtf.

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Kelly Low said...

Cryst dear, you really a 'hank fook' women!!!
My wedding, ahhh was kinda rushing and not well plan at all and hiccups occurs on the day itself 2..kinda dissapointed..
Ysterday while i was teaching aamax homework, my husband sat there and look at us, suddendly he said :"when i was pahtoing wf u, i din imagine 1 day u'll sit here teaching the kid like a aunty haha"..yeah i never tot so, time flies...but i felt touch when i see how blessed when he said it out as if he felt he is the most happy guy in the world..
Yes i don't hv a beautiful wedding but now i have everything i wan in my finally fill up the dissapointed feeling towards the inperfect wedding..
And u, make me feel happy when reading ur post, is so happy to see someone enjoying and planning her wedding..thxs for sharing Cryst, i shared ur joy!

Hayley said...

Thank you for accepting my request!

Ya... money is everything in a wedding =_= but sometimes thinking back, its worth la cause its once in a life time thingy (I always said that to people, haha :P)
The umbrella is nice! I dint need it as both my hubby and myself are not Cantonese (actually I wish to own one...)

So you're really not gonna have any wedding receptions at Tpg?? *sad*

c r y s t said...

kelly: Awwww... yr hubby so sweet... ;) And seriously browsing thru yr pics I felt u're real lucky too and yr life's just superb :) And Aamax is indeed a blessing!! <3
I guess probably because Im not working atm, so I have too much to to think abt every details and take almost everything into consideration, that makes me a bridezilla! I dunno but I really hope everything turns out well on the day. But like what ppl always says, its the marriage that counts, not the wedding!

hayley: HAHA It's true la once in a lifetime but for a no income bride-to-be likeme, it seriously hurts me like hell T__T Its like with that same amount, can u imagine how many dresses can I get? *sweat*
Umbrella is for Cantonese? I thought it's for all chinese? We're both Hokkien but all these while our family members practised using umbrella for wedding day.. LOL! And nope, no more dinner in Tpg! ;)

Hayley said...

That's what the sell aunty told me, umbrella is for Cantonese.. =_=

Oh no wedding receptions at Tpg, cannot meet you already... :(

Kelly Low said...

ahh ya ya said is like tht, :"its the marriage that counts, not the wedding!" but it is every girl's dream to have a wonderful wedding, we've dream about it, we attend many wedding and everytime we'll try to imagine ours for out time..And a perfect wedding really will make a girl's life more wonderful wf lots of sweet memories..furthermore u r not working, hv plenty of time for the preparation, ahhh nvm abt over spending, no nid to eat jaggung, wait for the morning tea ceremony and keep the angpow...nyek nyek nyek!!!
Enjoy yourself, can't wait for ur wedding photos yiiiiiiii!!

Sukieyakie said...
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Sukieyakie said...

Cryst... "sing fu xiao nue ren" my first thing step into office is to see your latest update on blog liao(miss your blog)... when i just open i see you doing so many preparation for your wedding for this comming Oct .. i am kind of a bit of worried of my wedding on next year preparation...

dear, u spending money like using water leh... damn.. u must be a credit card member liao...(shit.. i think i will be one of your member of "credit card gang" soon)

Anyway.. see your fully utilised ur free time doing precious wedding thinggy feel happy for you also...


c r y s t said...

hayley: I AM INVITING YOU TO MY WEDDING I DON'T CARE!! LOL cos u're one of my awesome blog reader that share the journey with me this far!!
And Im sure you know most of the Convent girls there ;)

kelly: yes yes very true!! i couldn't agree more!! but nice wedding equals money, money and more money! i felt so guilty each time i have to fork out another sum of money as if money grow on trees T__T
and yes, I AM INVITING YOU TOO cos my sister and I both wanna meet you so much wtf... do i sound like very desparate?? -_-"

sukie: haha u are also another xing fu nue ren ;) i owe you many thanks for all your assistance too! you have lots of time to prepare, don't be like me... everything wait till last minute :( let me know if you need any help as well k?

charles lim said...

Hi Cryst,
Kamsiah lu for accepting wa..:p..btw the look of it, you are really busy for the big day. I reckon by the time all these are over, you can start a business as a wedding planner :p
Again, congrats..

Kelly Low said...

hey you just want to make me jealous onli, to see how beautiful ur wedding is!!!!!! inviting me but u and jess hv no time to entertain me, end up i'm sitting there like a person tht step into a wrong dinner like tht kekekkeee...
But i'm really really 'kam tong' and glad tht you really think of inviting me, but hor cryst dear, my hubby don't like to attend wedding dinner, somemore none of them is his frens, and if i go alone i veli takut lah cos know no one there hehe..maybe we come out for tea nxt time la then we can hv more time to kepoh-ing kekekee...thx again for ur invitation ya, muackssssssssss muackssssssssss

c r y s t said...

charles: welcome lu for thanking wa ;) haha yea that's what crossed my mind too. save my time and energy looking for job in ktan. i shd just start my own business as a wedding planner.. HAHAHAHA

kelly: hahahaaha i was laughing over your msg! anyway no worries i understand, probably we shall just catch up over tea some time! err... coffee can mou? :\

Kelly Low said...

people always said :"nim teh nim teh" one mah...if u wan nim kopi can, but end up i'm gonna call u to chat for whole night cos after nim kopi i cannot fall sleep one, side effect haha