Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bridal Suite!

So my wedding is over and I'm now in my 2nd week as a Mrs! Many friends asked how am I feeling  but frankly speaking, I still feel the same.. I told the hubby the other day that I still feels like it's one of my random trip to Kuantan. Except that I gotta call his parents "father" and "mother" instead of "uncle" and "aunty".. I still feels a bit awkward with it.. Besides this, the hubby been pampering me a lot, we're both still in our 'newly-wed' mood. Everything feels so sweeetttt... haha! Can't wait for our honeymoon next month!

I'll be getting pictures from my KL's photographer by tomorrow so meanwhile I'll post up some pics taken in the room first.

We checked in one night earlier so adjust our mood, to free our mind and soul and to finalize all the arrangement wtf. My salesperson Cecilia who's also my ex-college mate cum ex-colleague is fantastic! She helped me a lot in all the arrangement including minor details, etc.. This is the very first wedding in Boulevard Hotel so I got quite a lot of privileges ;)

She upgraded us to a suite room for the first night.
Big spacious room with walk-in wardrobe, living room and kitchenette ;)

The next day, we're asked to move to the complimentary bridal suite right next door.
When we opened the door, there were some rose petals scattered on the floor leading to the bedroom..
Bed nicely decorated with rose petals..

Personalized bath towels ;)
Welcome card from the GM to Mr & Mrs Tan.. ;) *shy*
Complimentary moist chocolate cakes with strawberries ad chocolate dip. It's really good ;)
Complimentary fruit basket..
And complimentary kiss ;)

Right after these pictures were taken, our day got really hectic with lots of relatives arriving from outstation, settling the table arrangement in the restaurant, caught up with the MC and jazz band that arrived late due to the massive jam around MidValley middle ring road, settling the valet parking issue and lots more. Frankly speaking I was very blur the whole day till the dinner ended, too many last minute changes in plan, unexpected incidents, too many old friends to catchup with, too many relatives to entertain, too many things that need my approval and arrangement.

Nevertheless, it was indeed one of the most memorable day in my life. I felt like I'm the happiest and the luckiest girl alive ;)

KL's wedding dinner coming up next..

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Esther said... sweet....and nice room :)

Hayley said...

Ya, so romantic and sweet!!
I miss the newly-wed feel :(

charles lim said...

Hey Mrs Tan..

We can see that you enjoy being a Mrs..finally? Soon or maybe years down the road..young kids will start to call you auntie..hehe

charles lim said...

Hey Mrs Tan

Since your wedding was the first at Boulevard, I guess the hotel is going to give you some freebies on your 1st anniversary..hehe

Anggie's Journal said...

what a sweet and romantic bridal suite :P
Glad u doing great and awesome Mrs Tan ... hihihi
I wanna see more photos lei :P