Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding dinner in KL

I've been procrastinating far too long. Before I officially migrate to Kuantan, I was telling myself that I'll have at least a blog post a day since I'll have plenty of free time. But these days I spent most of the time lazing around watching movie, online, blog hopping, and not forgetting doing some chores like ironing, washing, cleaning wtf. I'm officially someone's wife...

As mentioned in previous post, our day got really hectic starting from the afternoon when relatives started arriving from outstation. My make-up artist was a little too early which made me panicked a little. My mum did her make-up first while I ran around settling some issues.
I specifically insisted for Shuqi's hairdo that I saw from an old movie and Mabel was awesome! She knew what I wanted right on the spot and I love love love her work!
Both our phone rang non-stop and I was really stressed out. Many unexpected issues - minor changes for seating arrangement, valet parking staffs screwed up, massive jam, liveband arrived late, etc etc... Lesson learnt: A bride should never ever take any matter into her own hand on wedding day!
My pretty make-up artist Mabel from Brilmac Events.
Almost 50% of the guests had arrived when I went downstairs to Wild Rice. Few friends and relatives came up to me to check on the arrangement and stuff. Seriously... never take ANY MATTER to your own hand! *sigh* I was running around like mad chicken in long red gown. Part of me was really excited to see all familiar faces again after almost a decade. A friend claimed, it was the biggest gathering ever after school!
My awesome Sales Manager Cecilia. She helped me out a lot in organizing everything including all the teeny weeny details. Mighty mighty CC ;)
Giggles and laughter ;)
With my family members and in laws ;)
I was so tempted to do the beauty pageant hand wave, which I think I did - not on purpose wtf. And I really like my red gown, my tailor is awesome ;) I shall opt to tailor-made dinner dress in future.. 
Few friends commented in FB that we looked like Prime Minister and the First Lady, HAHAHAHA!!! I shall not fake it but I like this comment! :P
Three-piece liveband that we hired. My nephew Jayearn performed his violin on stage as well but unfortunately the mic wasn't turned on. Those people in front didn't realize. My brother insisted its not on but the MC said it's working fine *sigh*.
The stage was far too small to accommodate the entire 2 family members for yumseng session.Poor hubby gotta stand at the back and my siblings were nowhere to be seen on stage. Must be somewhere at the back..
The MC also had a mini Q&A session for us, which turned out to be a little awkward cos the hubby did not get the answers right wtf. Our first domestic trip together was to Malacca but he answered Bukit Tinggi and our first kiss was way back in 2004... which he answered TONIGHT! Hello?? Tonight?? o_O

Both dad and mum gave their short speech and the hubby and I were asked to give short speech as well, which we did not prepare at all. So it's in fact really short-lah!
Friends from my hometown.. primary schoolmates and secondary schoolmates... they're oh-so-gorgeous!! ;)
College mates from KDU ;)
Ex-colleagues from Acer ;)
The hubby's besties from Kuantan ;) 
We enjoyed ourselves so much the whole night. The hubby drank so much and he was drunk by the time all the guests left.

Although there were some teeny weeny accidents that were beyond our expectation, but overall I was quite satisfied with the dinner. The attendance of all our guests was the best gift ever! I'm truly grateful to be surrounded by bunch of awesome people around me! ;)
I am one lucky lady ;)

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Hayley said...

Finally, you blogged about this, haha :D
You looked really gorgeous that night! Seriously!
So hows married life? Sure very relaxing hor? :P

charles said...

Hi lucky lady,
I don't blame the boy answered wrongly worrr..I guess his head was spinning as you looked gorgeous in the evening dress :)