Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11.1.11 auspicious number wtf

I woke up this morning and asked the hubby what should we do at 11:11am? He looked at me confused and I told him it's 11th Jan 2011 today, so at 11:11am it's gonna be 110111-1111!!! ;) He turned away and ignored me wtf.

Went shopping alone in the afternoon to get CNY shoes. I've bought 7 sets of new CNY clothes and will be going KL for a day trip next week for last minute shopping. I usually got more new clothes but this year... ah, well :( Settled with 2 heels from Vincci and will look for another leopard print ballet flats.
And yes, I need a new bag as well!

Got a new haircut last week. Visited Park from Min & Shunji Matsuo in Bangsar and told her to do anything she likes.
And so I got a shoulder length hair now and I'm loving it! Was actually expecting for a shorter length. Maybe next time. And yesterday I coloured my own hair using Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Ash Brown! ;) It's really easy and I've loving the shade too. Will try Sweet Pink and Platinum Beige next time.

New year, new hair, new life. Lame.

And this is my first year giving out angpow!! o_O I'd prefer receiving angpow though *sigh* Saw few pretty red packet in Living Cabin and thought I might just get a few nice one for my nephews, niece and close friends..
Any idea where got get more pretty red packets??

Blogged this half-heartedly cos I'm lazy to blog about my Bali trip today.

Last pic to end this post.

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Hayley said...

See see... I said you got the 'yin chai leong mou' look, haha the last picture says it all :D
Me too, 1st year giving ang pao... excited yet sad at the same time, LOL...

huichuin said...

opsss...who's baby?

c r y s t said...

hayley: haha! only 'out' no 'in', right :( it feels so weird..

huichuin: ivan's baby niece! ;)