Monday, January 10, 2011

BALI : Day One

Hi everyone! How was your new year?

This year I welcomed the new year in Bali, also to celebrate the boy's birthday ;) I've been procrastinating too long to blog about my actual day wedding and my honeymoon, so I'll leave it for another day when I have nothing else to blog k? Will blog about my Bali trip first before I forget the details wtf..

We took noon flight by AirAsia to Bali and the journey took approximately 3 hours, just in time to check in. The hotel we booked provided free airport transfer, so we didn't have to worry about transport and stuff.

But unfortunately, it was new year day and the entire Kuta area was really crowded and the jam was horrible. Our hotel supposed to be about 15 minutes distance from the airport but we stucked in the jam for approximately an hour! How horrible!

We checked into J Boutique Hotel. It's a trendy boutique hotel located strategically in Kuta area, walking distance to the most tourist attractions for shopping, food and nightlife.

After shower and unpacking, it was almost dinner time so we went out food hunting. Seminyak area was about 5 minutes by foot.

Most roadside stalls selling almost the same thing; sundress, paintings, souvenirs, rattan bags, colourful sandals, etc..

I spotted a few pretty sandals but since it was only my first night there, I was quite sure I'll find more at lower price. In the end of the trip, I did not get any cos I forgot all about the sandals wtf.

After walking around for quite a distance, we spotted Made's Warung (pronounce: mah-deh). I read about it in few blogs so off we went in without any consideration.

I guess this eatery caters most for tourist based on the interior inside.

We're both new to Balinese/ Indonesian food so basically we just ordered blindly.

The hubby ordered Nasi Campur Special at IDR55,000 (appx RM19.25), myself ordered 1/2 Nasi Goreng 1/2 Gado-gado at IDR40,000 (appx RM14.00) and Pork Sate at IDR45,000 (appx RM15.75) to share. Neither of us like the food, 'nuff said. And yes, it's tad pricey. This place is kinda overrated somehow..

After dinner, we just walked around Kuta area since there're nothing much to see at this hour.

Stuff in Kuta area are tad pricey and of course you can bargain. I spotted few sundresses but did not get anything as I was very sure I can get cheaper ones the next few days..

The first night, the hubby bought some paintings for his office thinking the prices were already very cheap but after visiting Ubud the next day, we realized we got ripped off in Kuta!

The asking price was IDR60,000 and the hubby offered IDR25,000. In the end, deal was closed at IDR30,000.

I regretted for not getting this bikini girls painting ;( And now I'm missing it already.. Who's going to Bali and willing to get it for me??

Another cute painting that we spotted..

"Oh, I see you!! :P"

The hubby's friend, Keith and his gf, Jamie arrived much later so we took horse carriage back to hotel. It's quite common in Kuta, cost us around IDR60,000 if I'm not mistaken.

And guess what we both did before joining them!! :D

Temporary henna tattoo!!

I'd been dying to get once since ages ago and after persuading the hubby, he got one on his arm as well but both our tattoos turned out awful :( I couldn't remember exactly how much we paid, but it wasn't cheap.

That basically summarized our not very fruitful first night in Bali.

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Anggie's Journal said...

nice holiday at bali ...
oh dear , the painting was really nice, 30,000 means how much in RM ???
Ya la, we always like that ..... always wanna to re-consider on the other shops or wait ... till we forgot or regret when we not buying it ... especially oversea holiday !! Make sure next time, u spotted and trust ur inner sense... JUST GET IT !! hahahhah :P

Hayley said...

Not fair! You've just came back from Japan and now Bali?! hahaha, just kidding la~
I'm planning for a trip to Bali this year, this time really just my hubby and I... Hopefully the plan can come true... *pray hard*
Your temporary tatoo looks good, from the photo ;)

c r y s t said...

anggie: opps, i made a mistake here. checked with him again and he said it was around RM20-30.. that should be about IDR100k.
haha yeah, next time don't think, just grab!

hayley: lol coincidently the hubby's fren planned to go bali so we just join them. the more the merrier ma :P but i still prefer bkk as compared to bali. cheaper stuff, better shopping, nicer food. :P the tattoo sucks, now it looks like i drew myself using marker pen wtf!!

Kelly said...

Dropped by. You went to Bali on the month of January? I heard the weather is bad, is it true? I want to know cause I'm going there soon :)

c r y s t said...

it was raining everyday when we were there! i heard jan is the wettest month of the year!