Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be right back

Taking a short break from blogging. Heading for 8d7n trip to Taiwan with the parents coming Thursday and then back to Taiping for probably a week or two for rejuvenating, haha!

Just in case you miss me...

And oh btw, isn't this baby the cutest thing ever?

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Miss Lime said...

Planning for yours soon? =)

Sukieyakie said...

btw... enjoy ur taiwan trip.. you will shop like mad.. >.<

Remember to bring extra luggage for clothing ;P

Hayley said...

So jealous of you!! Free from works and yet can go kai kai with your loved ones!
Hehe, anyway, enjoy your trip!

baboobeep said...
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c r y s t said...

miss lime: haha, soon.. i guess? :P

sukieyakie: babe, how come your blog went missing the other day?? and yes, i bought a new luggage, lol!

hayley: thanks dear.. i gotta admit im kinda enjoy my life atm, LOL..

audrey said...

have fun!

kiM said...

argh so good!enjoying shao nai nai's life! that's my cita cita!

enjoy ur trip!
and u and the baby have the same eye!so big and blink!

c r y s t said...

audrey: i will! :P thanks..

kim: haha what shao nai nai life -_-" (must work soon...!!! *sigh*) then u faster become shao nai nai too k?

thanks girl! and oh, how i wish my baby gonna look like that pic too :P

Sukieyakie said...
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Sukieyakie said...

my dear, hehe soli, forgot to inform you.. I changed my blog's name liao hehe... wanted to use sukieyakie is not available so I add in an "e" so now become sukieyakiee and it available so i make up my mind to change to liao.. hehe ;) btw.. u mush really enjoy ur trip oh coz I think you wanna enjoy the max before you commit to become a mummy issit ;)..

Have lot of fun.. ;)