Monday, February 14, 2011

Pregnancy: Top 10 signs of pregnancy

I noticed no signs of pregnancy in early stage, until I missed my period for about a week and decided to do some home test. Tried Guardian pregnancy kit that I got as wedding gift but the result was kinda confusing as I got a clear line and another fading line. I thought to myself probably it's cheap stuff, haha! So later in the afternoon, I went to get Clear Blue pregnancy kit.

I strongly recommend Clear Blue for more accurate and straight off result. The indicator tells either "Not Pregnant" or "Pregnant" with how many weeks. No more confusion with fading lines etc...

These are some common 10 signs of pregnancy that I found online:

1) Food craving
- I should be entering the 7th weeks now but no, I don't think I have any cravings, yet!

2) Darkening of your areolas
- This is nightmare.. but I think, yes. How dark can it be?? Black??!

3) Implantation bleeding or cramping
-  No bleeding but I had minor cramp occasionally. Just like those cramps I experienced before my period due.

4) Frequent urination
- It's kinda frustrating to visit the toilet so often. I even developed the habit of waking up from sleep in the midnight to pee!

5) Fatigue
- I don't really like the idea of afternoon nap cos I really thought it's a waste of time. But lately I got tired kinda easily so I usually take a short nap.

6) Tender, swollen breast
- Yes, it's similar to the way I feel before my period due.

7) Altered sense of taste
- Some women cannot stand the taste of coffee or anything that they usually like, omg! But no, *touch wood* I don't feel anything, yet.

8) Morning sickness
- No, thanks.

9) A missed period
- Obviously. And women intuition - I just feel... pregnant, before home test is conducted.

10) A positive home pregnancy test
- Did twice and I couldn't believe my eyes. Both turned out positive.

Besides I also get one or two pimples popping up lately, might due to my hormone changes. Another thing to blame it to my hormone.. I shed my tears really easily and got frustrated with anything!

Also, I got hungry so often that I usually wakes up in the middle of the night and having trouble to fall back to sleep due to my rumbling stomach :( Anyway, online sources states that it's ok to much at something in the middle of the night and before getting off bed in the morning. Bought 2 packets of oat crackers earlier today and now it's nicely stored in the drawer next to my bed. The hubby said it's sure gonna be scary waking up during the midnight and have the vision of his wife sitting next to him on the bed munching biscuits... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Btw, here's a picture of my first ultrasound on 9th Feb!
Check out that tiny dot! LOL...

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