Monday, February 21, 2011

Pregnancy: Eating machine

Went for second checkup today, 2 days earlier than scheduled as I've decided to go on holiday..

I've gained 0.6kg for the past 2 weeks. Seriously, I've been eating like a glutton and I'm also expecting more weight gain! I get hungry all the time and been eating every 2 hours or so. Once my stomach starts to rumble, I must get something to eat the very minute else I'm gonna suffer from bloating for the rest of the day.

Example of what I eat:

Pre-breakfast - Bread/ crackers/ oat drink
Breakfast - Sandwiches + few sips of coffee
Snack - Crackers/ fruits
Lunch - Chicken rice
Snack - Crackers/ fruits/ fresh juices/ cakes/ nuggets
Dinner - Rice @ home
Snack - Fruits/ crackers/ whatever I can grab
Supper - Fried meehoon/ maggi soup (**occasionally only)
Midnight - Oat drink

You see.. I had been eating so frequently that I feel guilty sometimes. I even gotta wakeup in the middle of the night cos my stomach is rumbling and I need to pee wtf. And first thing first in the morning before I get up my bed, I will start searching for oat crackers that I placed next to my bed :( I have thermos, cup and oat drink in my room. I also have a big packet of potato and oat crackers next to my bed. Occasionally you can find bread, cakes, chicken essence, etc etc....

I NEED TO EAT. 'Nuff said.

My gynae prescribed me with Folic Acid and Vitamin B supplement and I bought PRO-Q DHA 200mg from Guardian. Apparently I've been taking Spirulina but my gynae sorta against it so I'm gonna stop taking. I asked if I need to take extra calcium cos I'm not a milk drinker but he reckons that I should only take during second trimester to prevent constipation.

Other than that, I've been suffering toothaches on my left side, not sure upper or lower teeth. Finally made up my mind to visit a local dentist but unfortunately, went twice but both days were full. Shall try my luck tomorrow. It's been few years since my last visit to the dentist, I have phobia thus I'd been procrastinating far too long to get my filling done. Tooth decay during pregnancy isn't a good thing :(

As of today, I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant and according to online sources, my baby should be about the size of a kidney bean! :P
Unfortunately, my bladder wasn't full when I went for checkup thus the image wasn't very clear.
Hi love!! :D

I'm not so sure if this is the embryo or my placenta -_-" As long as my gynae confirmed it's healthy and the heart is beating, I'm more than happy y'see..

Oh gawd.. I feel like telling the entire world I have a living thing inside me but due to the hush-hush of early pregnancy.. hRm, shall keep this within myself and people dear to me.

I'm so excited!!

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